Prepare your agenda: Are we going to Port Aventura with Digital 1to1 Spring on March 16 and 17?


Electronic commerce in Spain does not stop escalating, more and more companies are deciding to increase their number of sales through online channels, in fact, according to data from the CNMCData portal, in the second quarter of 2022 the sector surpassed for the first time in its history the 18,000 million euros of turnover. However, this does not mean that there are no challenges to face in order to achieve success, which is why during the next edition of Digital 1to1 Spring, the digital solutions most in demand by Spanish eCommerce will be on display.

The event will have the participation of more than 250 leaders of the Spanish digital sector who, for 2 days, will be able to share their experiences and knowledge in the wide world of networking. The appointment will take place in Port Aventura on March 16 and 17 and to attend you only need to be a representative of a digital solution, agency or digital consultancy or be a decision maker of a retail, eCommerce or brand with more than 5 million euros of annual online billing, and with digital needs to solve; and of course, fill out a form to formalize the registration.

I will not miss it!

“The solutions that Spanish eCommerce companies are looking for clearly respond to the perceptions of opportunity that they have due to the behavior of the market. The figures collected by CNMCData suggest that more than half of the eCommerce turnover in Spain is generated by sales to other countries, especially those in the European environment, which justifies the interest of our e-tailers in dealing with guarantees sales on marketplaces and finding solvent solutions for cross-border trade”, says Félix Pascual, director of business development at Digital 1to1.

Contents to be discussed in the Digital 1to1 Spring

The professionals who will participate in the event agree that the topics to highlight should be traffic generation, attracting new customers and improving eCommerce logistics processes. The event is intended for representatives of Spanish companies to meet with solution providers that help them get their projects off the ground in the digital environment. The profile of the participants in the event ranges from CEOs and founders of some of the most representative brands of national eCommerce to directors of marketing, digital and operations of different companies, which operate in sectors such as fashion, health, cosmetics, among others. .

In addition, this meeting will not be a simple meeting with long presentations. The idea is to learn from the hands of the most experienced in the sector and have the opportunity to ask them specific questions or touch on key points during the topics to be discussed, for which a dynamic of 20-minute pre-scheduled meetings will be held at the More than 1,000 experts will participate.

There will also be special appearances such as David Moreno, founder of Fast Love Studios and one of the co-founders of Hawkers; Georgina Ortiz from Ecommerce News who will moderate a debate on Ecommerce trends; and, of course, our beloved leader and director, Rubén Bastón, who will be in charge of moderating a space to discuss internalization strategies for companies.

During the 2 days of the event you will find, also as a novelty, an innovation zone dedicated to digital solutions that are just coming onto the market.

I will not miss it!

Photo: Digital 1to1.

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