My house has been robbed, what do I have to do?

What to do if you have suffered a robbery at home

Have you been the victim of a robbery at your home? If you are wondering what you should do now, you have come to the right place. We bring you a series of instructions to know how to act if your home has been robbed.

What to do if my house has been robbed

1. Think cold

For starters, you have to stay calm. Think about your safety. Although it’s normal to feel frustrated and vulnerable right now, don’t let your emotions take over.

2. Stay safe

If the theft occurs in your absence, you must be completely sure that intruders they are gone before you enter your home. Unless you see them leave your house, there is no way to know beyond a doubt that the danger has passed.

3. Call the Police and your security company

Resist the urge to run after evildoers, confront them, or search for them yourself. Remember that we are talking about criminals. It is more sensible to resort to the security forces. While you wait for his arrival, do not stop observing everything that happens around you. Yes you can, take pictures and video from a secure site.

You can do this very easily thanks to the AlertCops application, the Police app. With it you will be able to notify the crime, document the crime with photographs and videos and even chat with a professional in real time who will guide you throughout the process.

In addition, you can start a burglary complainteither with the app or when the agents come.

4. Forbidden to touch

Investigators look for footprints, footprints and marks left by thieves that allow them to advance with the investigation. Besides, they hope to find the area intact to verify that a crime has been committed. So don’t move any objects from the area where the robbery took place; Don’t walk around there either, and don’t clean anything. Otherwise, you could destroy important evidence.

5. Check your home well

Once the crime scene has been cleared, do a careful search to determine what has been stolen. if you have invoices and receipts for stolen items, deliver copies to the authorities. These documents will serve to prove that you are the legitimate owner and to determine the monetary value of these items.

6. Contact your insurer

Depending on the coverage offered by your home insurance, you are entitled to receive a full or partial compensation for the stolen goods and for the damages that the thieves have caused to the property. What the police report is part of the documentation that you will have to give to your insurance company, you will have to wait until the law enforcement officers leave to call them. In a short time, you will receive the visit of an insurance agent who will help you in the process.

Strengthen the security of your home

This is the time for identify weak points in your home security and reinforce them. Talk to your security company to propose an appropriate strategy for the needs of your home. repair or replace, as soon as possible, the elements that have been damaged as a result of the robbery. If you did not have security systems, consider protecting yourself installing an alarm system with notification to Police.

Paying attention to these suggestions will benefit you in several ways. First, you will be more likely to recover at least part of your belongings. You will also have a better chance of preventing something like this from happening to you again. And, above all, you will soon be able to return to your normal life.

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