Milanuncios calls for responsible consumption this Christmas with this striking banner in the center of Madrid


At a time when consumption skyrockets between lunches, dinners, decoration and gifts, milanuncios He wanted to remind us of the importance of acting responsibly and conscientiously when making our purchases. And to do so, it has opted for a new channel, placing a large canvas in Madrid.

“68% of what you buy there will end up here” is the message that the second-hand app launches. And, in case the lateral motifs on the canvas do not make it clear enough where “there” is, its location already takes care of it. The Milanuncios canvas has covered Calle Buen Proceso just where it makes the corner with Calle de la Princesa, which places it no less than in front of El Corte Inglés, one of the great axes of consumption in the capital during the Christmas season. This will remain in place until January 10.

milanuncios canvas location

Milanuncios continues to diversify its communication

During 2022, Milanuncios has worked continuously to achieve position yourself differently. Thus, this outdoor campaign has not been the only new territory that the brand has entered this year. Also has been released on TikTokin twitch with the collaboration of Ibai Llanos, creating your own blog and organizing events.

Now, with this new action, you take another step towards this goal while consolidates your brand and its values ​​through a simple but forceful message. Much of what is bought ends up for sale in second-hand apps, a reality that is accentuated after Christmas. So the purpose of Milanuncios is promote responsible consumptionsomething that both our planet and our pockets will appreciate.

As they explain to us from the brand itself: «It is a nod that we wanted to make in a very current context: dates of impulsive consumption, purchases, gifts and parties are arriving. And it is a reality: there are gifts that are received and that are not liked. Due to the embarrassment of returning a gift, asking for a return ticket or even losing the purchase receipt, these gifts can (and often do) end up on the second-hand market.

From a simple second-hand app to a leader in the sector in Spain

With a great trajectory behind it since its creation in 2005, Milanuncios continues to enjoy very good health. So you can boast that Your app has been one of the fastest growing throughout the year in Spain, according to data published by the observational data and technology company Smartme Analytics in its SFIx Index. In general, currently about 22 million users a month visit Milanuncios, where about 65,000 new ads are published daily. Data that places Milanuncios as the benchmark second-hand ad app on the Internet.

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