Microsoft will include paid advertising in responses returned by AI


Every day new information and new trends around artificial intelligence continue to be added, which results in more and more opportunities being seen from this technology. As we already know, Microsoft integrated Open AI technology into its Bing search engineknown for creating ChatGPT, but now wants to take advantage of it by making it return paid links in some of your answers.

As reported by the Reuters news agency, Microsoft held a meeting with an advertising agency in which he demonstrated how he plans to generate profits through Bing chat with AI. During the demonstration it was observed that the company is taking the search ads paid by brands to be among the first results and you are inserting them into the responses generated by the Bing chatbot.

Microsoft is still studying how to get the most out of this novelty

As our collaborator Juan González Villa, SEO consultant and director of USEin a thread on Twitter, the Bing chatbot has already started showing some advertising results in your responses.

As can be seen in the previous thread, for the moment, everything is kept in a Test phase which is done in the first version of the Bing chatbot, which is only available to a limited number of users. And while Microsoft declined to comment in detail on its upcoming advertising plans, it did make it known that it’s looking to apply another ad format within the chatbot that is directed to specific industries. For example, if a user asks about the best hotels in Mexico, the AI ​​will return hotel ads.

Michael Cohenexecutive vice president of agency performance media Horizon Mediaclaimed to have received a demo from Bing in which Microsoft indicated that links at the bottom of Bing’s AI-generated search responses could be places for ads and that possibly expose new information about the advertising plan for the month of March; He also noted in the presentation that every percentage point of ad market share it gains could generate $2 billion in advertising revenue. “It sounds like they intend to start immediately with integrated paid ads,” Cohen said.

The technology company wants the implementation of AI in its browser and search engine to help synthesize the information found on the Internet and to provide simpler answers with more human characteristics to attract a greater number of users. Microsoft also said that the potential of artificial intelligence in advertising is only just being realized and that it plans to work with its partners and the advertising industry to make the most of it.

Risk level

Recently some users reported that the Microsoft chatbot has returned unusual responses to his searches, in which he lies with his information or makes strange comments in which he implies that he seeks world domination. This would force the company to place tighter controls regarding the use of AI and the distribution of information through it.

This could have implications for the publicity and security of the brand that decides to contract the servicesince they do not want their ads to appear with inappropriate responses that alert users.

Photo: Bing

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