Michelin adds a non-consolidable premium of 1,500 euros to the signing of the agreement and gives 72 hours to accept the offer


The Michelin company has added to its offer to the unions a non-consolidable bonus of 1,500 euros for all active workers at the signing of the 2023-2026 agreement, and has given the unions a period of 72 hours to accept it. If it is rejected by the social party or does not receive a response within that period, it will withdraw said offer, according to union sources reported to Europa Press.

The management of the company and the inter-centre committee have held a “determining appointment” on Tuesday at a meeting at the factory headquarters in Burgos to try to bring positions closer, in which the company has offered a non-consolidable premium of 1,500 euros, which In the case of workers with a relief contract, they would charge 25% of this premium.

The salary increases offered by the company are 5% for this year, 3% for 2024, 2% in 2025 and another 2% in 2026. In addition, it offers an additional salary guarantee clause with elimination of the ROS condition. In the event that the CPI 2023-2024 average is above 8%, there will be an update on the equivalent annual salary up to a maximum of 2 points above, making said update on January 1, 2025.

The same salary guarantee conditions would be offered for the 2025-26 period, as long as the CPI average is greater than 4%, and its application would be on January 1, 2027.

The management has also offered to suppress the ‘team building’ (development day for staff), at the request of the unions, who demanded that the eight annual hours of “development days” be computed within it and not taken into account. What to do on workers’ days off.

From LAB they have considered Michelin’s offer “insufficient”, although they have indicated that possibly on Thursday the workers of the Vitoria plant will have to vote in assembly if they accept said offer, as will those of other factories of the multinational.