Keys to engagement on TikTok: when, how much and how to post


The Metricool social media management tool has just published its “TikTok Study 2023” where he answers many of the questions that exist around the social network: what content is more viral?, What to do to gain more followers?, Does the size of my account influence engagement?, etc. To answer these and other questions, we analyzed nearly two million videos, from 48,591 accounts around the world-both business and personal used for professional purposes- for a period of 180 days.

The basic metrics (frequency of publication, reach, engagement, views) were studied and issues such as the duration of the videos, the best hours and days to publish, the influence of the use of hashtags and sounds on the viralization of content, etc

The most important conclusions:

The main source of Tik Tok traffic is the “For you” section, whose contribution is close to 75%. Account size and engagement go hand in hand. The key: post at least 3 times a week. Longer videos get more views. Tuesday is the best day to publish and eight in the evening is the best time (except Saturdays, when the best time is 6 pm). Hashtags and sounds do not significantly influence video views.

company account vs. personal account

It should be noted that personal profiles, even if they are not company profiles, can also be used professionally by content creators. Generally, personal accounts post more than business accounts. On average, personal accounts upload 16.12 videos per month compared to 13.40 videos per month for brands and companies, 17% more.

Both account types exceed 3 videos per week, but the personal ones reach 4 weekly publications, which makes the difference in frequency.

Regarding the visualizations the balance leans towards personal accounts, which have an average view per video of 30,145 compared to the average of 17,563 views for business accounts, even when the average length of the videos for both is the same.

We see how the formula is repeated in the case of engagementand are the personal accounts those with a higher level. Specifically, these (7) are one percentage point higher in their engagement results than company accounts (6).

Taking all these data, the study points out that it seems better to have a personal account than a business one, although it warns that the differences that have been observed It may be because the personal accounts belong to influencers and content creators individuals, who might have a Closer to your community.

Less followers, more views

TikTok has changed the rules of the game and in this social network the content matters more than the number of followers that they have And this is demonstrated by observing that in accounts with few followers, the video view rate increases. That is, the videos are exposed to a larger audience.

It is clear that the important thing is to focus on the quality of the content we publish, since if it is good it will be able to reach a larger audience, regardless of whether they follow us or not.

Account size and engagement go hand in hand

A very important point is the level of engagement according to the number of followers and here the “tiny” accounts (less than 100 followers) and “huge” (more than 50,000 followers) lead with 7.15% and 7.47% respectively. In the case of tiny, a higher level of engagement is justified by the low number of views based on how close they are to their audience. However, the study shows that as the views grow, the interactions also grow, something that does not happen in other social networks, where the greater the number of views, the more difficult it is to maintain the same level of engagement.

The key: post at least 3 times a week

While it is true that content is the most important thing for TikTok and any video can go viral, the publish 3 times a week, grants a higher interaction rate or view the video. In engagement it also gives extra points, but not as prominently. As explained by Metricool, “the higher the publication frequency, the higher the interaction or viewing rates per video, although there is no significant difference in engagement.”

For his part, accounts with more followers post longer videos, with an average of 40.5 seconds, while smaller accounts post videos averaging 31.2 seconds long.

It draws a lot of attention that the most viral videos are usually those with a average duration of 41.8 seconds, since they accumulate more views.

Tuesday is the best day to post and 8:00 p.m. is the best time

A posting calendar can go a long way in figuring out the best time to post for each account. However, according to the study, in general, the best time to post is 20:00 every daybeing the only exception on Saturdays whose best time is 18:00 .

Now, depending on what you want to achieve, the days of publication can make a difference. If what you want is to get higher number of visits, the best day to post is friday, but if you want receive more comments, it is better to post on Tuesdays. In fact, Tuesday is the day that the most videos are published on the platform.

best times to post on tiktok

Hashtags and sounds do not influence

According to the study, a greater number of hashtags and trendy music have no weight in the viralization of a video. In fact, there is absolutely no correlation between the number of hashtags and the trending sounds with the most traffic. Although yes they can help the video rank better for the algorithm.

As we told you at the time, #FYP remains the most used hashtag on TikTok around the world since it refers to to the “For your page” (or “For you” in Spanish) section of the app with almost 35 billion posts, something that far exceeds the 18.57 billion of the previous year. Appearing in this TikTok selection can give your content metrics a boost. In fact, this desire of content creators is reaffirmed when observing that #ForYou and #ForYourPage close the Top 3 this year. In 2022 #viral and #tiktok were in second and third place on the list

Photo: Metricool studio

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