Keys of the day: A year ago it was a war crime, isn’t it today? Siege of Putin in South Africa and inflation

Keys of the day: A year ago it was a war crime, isn’t it today? Siege of Putin in South Africa and inflation

The keys of the day revolve around cluster bombs and the delivery by the United States to Ukraine for war.

A year ago, the US government spokeswoman said that they were potentially a war crime. What has changed since then?

Biden is going to visit Rishi Sunak in the UK. And the British prime minister is already showing his disagreement with the delivery of cluster weapons to Ukraine.

South Africa has announced that the Brics summit will be in person, yes or yes, and that it does not know if President Vladimir Putin will attend the summit. In the event that the international criminal court does not, it could send an arrest warrant and it would be considered if South Africa accepts or rejects.

And in the market the fundamental key is inflation. We will know the inflation data in the United States next Wednesday. We will know the inflation data for China tomorrow, Monday before the opening of the market in Europe.

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