Inbenta closes a €37M round to accelerate the growth of its conversational AI


When back in 2020 we spoke with Jordi Torras, Inventa CEO, the field of AI was still in the realm of quasi-futuristic for most of us. Despite the fact that there were already companies (such as Inbenta itself, of course), that had been working in the field of artificial intelligence applied to business solutions for years, those two letters had not yet experienced the boom of 2022 through tools such as Dalle2 or ChatGPT.

At a time when all eyes are on the hyper-accelerated evolution of this technology and its possible applications in almost any field of our lives, Inbenta has just received significant backing from investors in the form of round of financing worth 40 million dollars (37 million euros).

Investment in R&D of processes and platforms

The round has been led by Tritium Partners, a private investment firm, and thanks to this new capital injection, Inbenta raises its capital raised to date to more than 60 million dollars (just over 55.7 million euros). . Likewise, its purpose is to serve the development and growth of the company, positioning it “for the Anticipated Explosive Growth in the Conversational AI Space“, as explained Torras.

In this way, Inbenta will allocate the proceeds to R&D to improve its processes and platforms. «Inbenta is developing a comprehensive platform that adapts solutions driven by AI in all industries and use cases for the need of all companies. We have spent more than a decade perfecting our globally proprietary AI toolset, in 35 languages, steadily advancing through billions of customer interactions,” Torras said.

Besides, Inbenta’s organization chart will also undergo some changes with immediate effect. Jordi Torras will maintain his leadership and will occupy the position of CIO and Melissa Solís, executive director, will become CEO. In addition, both Matt Bowman and Chris Steiner, partners at Tritium Partners, join Inbenta’s Board of Directors.

What is Inventa

Jordi Torras, computer engineer specializing in AI, founded Inbenta in 2005. The company was created in Barcelona, ​​although today it is domiciled in the Californian Silicon Valley, the global technological reference. Since its inception, Inbenta has been focused on the field of natural language processing and conversational AI, with the aim of offering business solutions that allow speeding up processes in fields such as customer service. In this sense, Inbenta relies on native integration with third-party CRM and ERP platforms, some of which are as well-known as Salesforce, Shopify or Slack. FNAC, Cofidis or Soccer Emotion are some of its main clients.

In 2012 Inbenta began a process of internationalization which has followed two phases: the first was through its own resources, at a slow pace. The second phase consisted of raising two rounds of investment with venture capital companies, which made it possible to accelerate this expansion. Thus, in 2018, he closed a round of €6.5 million, an extension of a previous $12 million Series B round. When it was subscribed, the investment funds Amasia, Level Equity and Scale Capital bet on the company.

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