Immediate Edge Bot Review- Is it Legit or a Scam?

Suppose you want to use an automated trading bot to place trades in the crypto markets for your benefit. In that case, you might want to understand Immediate Edge. This cryptocurrency auto-trading platform is one of the most popular and influential trading bots in the market. This is entirely automatic and helps users to gain profit from cryptocurrency.

This platform is recently invented, and it is only recently that they have taken the world by storm. The fact that they are automated and only the algorithms producing this complete concept is doubtful for reviewers.

The Inventor of Immediate Edge is Edwin James. According to the website, he made billions with Forex, crypto and binary options trading. He maintains to be sharing his personal trading policies through the Immediate Edge. In short, this app is made for beginners to provide them with the opportunity to make money in less than three minutes after they’ve signed up.


What is Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge is an automated trading robot that claims to make money online by putting on crypto prices. This platform claims to have a win rate of up to 98.9%. It is simple and easy to use as it can work on Windows PC, Android, IOS, and many others. Immediate Edge robot searches the whole cryptocurrency market and finds the top trading deal for you. But people presume it is a scam, but it is considered the best platform for newcomers with its low-risk and more profitable trading strategies. Immediate Edge App runs on its own, which means that all you need to do is switch it on. You require less than 20 minutes every day to switch in the bot and start trading and earning money. This also asserts that you need not give up your day job. It is quick and straightforward, and easily managed amid day-to-day chores.


Is Immediate Edge Legitimate?

Immediate Edge is a legit platform and not a scam. It is a fantastic trading platform to make money from crypto trading. The robot can produce profits for professionals and inexperienced Investors and expand the latter communities confidence. This platform not only allows you to make a one time profit but also passive income. This is a fascinating idea to give an option to make money passively, regardless of its user’s busy job.

How Does It Work?

Immediate Edge is a most popular bot that uses modern trading algorithms and powerful computers to monitor the crypto markets and finds successful trades. But unlike many other bitcoin robots in the market, Immediate Edge can automatically trade Bitcoin and many other famous Digital assets like Dash, Zcash, Ripple, and many more. The company has advanced technology to detect the location of the investors and match the right broker for the client.

How To Register To The App?

Step 01


The first step is registration. Visit the official website of the immediate Edge and submit your personal details on the form. This involves your name, email address and phone number.


Step 02


After registration, you need to deposit at least $250. You can deposit it by various methods like wire transfer, Visa, MasterCard, skill.

Step 03

 Use the demo trading.

The demo should give you a natural feel of the live trading. Before trading lives, you have to do demo trading. Also, read the trading guidelines before starting the next step.

Step 04

Live trading

This is simple if you have taken your time to understand the system through the materials provided in the previous step. Trading lives a cup of tea since you need to click the live trading button. And immediate Edge will do the rest for you.


High Returns

Users make a statement on the platform by saying, ‘one can earn up to $2200 a day.’ The platform also declares to have reported a profit of up to 100 per cent. This means that a trading account with a deposit of $250 can earn up to $200 profit per day. The more you deposit, the higher is the earning probability with the Immediate Edge app. Anyway, you can start with $250 and enhance the size of your immediate Edge account quickly.

Boon to newbies

Immediate Edge is an app that needs no proficiency to use it. We recommend Edge to anyone, even those with a trading background.

Less is more

The platform takes the least possible time for deposits and withdrawals and no withdrawal charges. To your surprise, Edge’s earnings depend on your profit.


No hidden charges

There is no registration fee or charge. Brokers will never ask you for additional charges or commissions to enhance your cost. That’s why this is a free app.

Easy to use

You don’t require specific knowledge or skills to produce money with an immediate Edge. All trade research is conducted automatically on behalf of the investor; all the user has to do is turn on the robot and be trading. Consequently, the trader can use this automated trading platform in addition to their regular business.


Is Immediate Edge A Scam?

No! Background check identifies that immediate Edge is a legit, transparent, safe, and highly profitable trading tool.


How Much Do I Need To Register With Immediate Edge?

You need not pay any money to register an account with immediate Edge. In addition, you won’t pay any charges until you start making money.

Does Immediate Edge Have A Mobile App?

No. The automated trading system can be operated through web browsers on a computer or any other device linked to the internet.


Final Thoughts

Immediate Edge platform is legitimate. We think it is the best thing for users as it is not a scam! Characters of the immediate Edge bot are extraordinary but not risk-free. That’s why we suggest you earn and learn step by step, investing a minimum amount firstly. The starting amount is $250. In the beginning, with minimum investments, you can earn profits without fear of losing.

Everyone can make money through regular trading and low initial investments. In case the immediate Edge customer support system is available 24/7 to help you. And in case you request withdrawals, withdrawals are processed in less than two working days. And also, online immediate Edge safety is grand; it lesson market risks. For this reason, every investor who trades with this platform will have a great experience and significant Immediate Edge review.