How to turn your leads into sales with these 5 CRM features


CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) are technological tools whose purpose is to help companies manage their relationships with customers and organize information about their purchase histories, preferences, online behavior, among others. Having this type of software not only helps companies to manage said information optimally, but also opens a window of opportunity for convert customers into leads.

Some of the ways in which a CRM can help boost sales are:

Try Pipedrive Free 1. Lead management and qualification

Using a CRM helps collect and organize lead data effectivelyproviding a complete picture of all prospects and managing their profiles, interaction history and purchases.

This is arguably the most important item on the list, as when the sales team puts leads at the top of the purchase funnel, you may notice that a sale is not made. However, with the help of the CRM, prospects can be moved towards a sale.

2. Follow up with leads

With the use of this type of software, it allows the constant monitoring of potential customers through email campaigns and analysis of behavior on the web. It also sends real-time notifications to sales reps for increase the conversion rate.

3. Workflow with structure

You can keep track of follow-ups, demo call reminders and follow-up notes, which Improves communication and productivity of the sales team.

This type of program also allows alerts to be generated for the different pending tasks that the work team must complete in order to maintain a structured order of activities.

4. Reports and dashboards

Custom reports and dashboards provide real-time data updates and an easy-to-access platform to analyze raw data and statistics from past campaigns.

5. Optimization of customer service

The CRM improves the coordination of the sales team and reduces errors, which improves the potential customer experience and the professionalism of the business. Having this type of organization will prevent the same potential client from being contacted twice by different members of the same team.

CRM systems have customer service integrations that store the relevant information and share it with the entire work team so that everyone knows how the sales progress is going and can take advantage of each of the factors.

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