How to protect your garage space with traps and security barriers?

Security traps and barriers for the garage

Las open garage spaces are often the subject of dispute. There is always a neighbor who parks where he shouldn’t or some stranger who ignores the parking regulations.

Therefore, today we will talk about the parking traps y folding safety barriers to improve the security of your parking space.

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What are clamps and folding security barriers?

Is about devices that lift an obstacle that means that whoever does not own the space cannot park. In order to do so, you must break down the barrier or remove the parking block with the relevant key.

In this way, improper occupations by neighbors or strangers who sometimes “accidentally” use something that they have not paid for, or do so with the excuse that “it will only be a moment” are avoided.

Although its usefulness goes further. They also serve to mark the parking space limit or for drivers to slow down in enclosed spaces such as car parks.

Can a barrier or trap be placed in our square?

There is no specific law about installing a drop down garage safety barrier. Likewise, the Horizontal Property Law and the provisions on communities of owners do not specify anything against it either.

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The best option is consult with the neighbors and owners of the premises in question.

What types of traps and security barriers are there to protect the parking space

When choosing a device for protect the garage spaceBroadly speaking, there are three types of devices that limit access:

The traps. The barriers. The bollard-style obstacles.

Security traps and barriers for the garage

Security traps and barriers for the garage – Blog Prosegur.

The trap for the garage, the simplest and most economical option

It is a metal obstacle, usually with three support points, which is protected by means of a key or padlock so that no one can remove it. There are fixed folding, portable, automatic, etc.

must be installed as centered as possible on the entrance to the square. In this way we make access as difficult as possible, but we do not prevent the maneuvers of our neighbors in the square.

Parking barriers, the most adaptable option

The barriers constitute one more step to protect the parking space and can be of multiple shapes, materials and mechanisms.

For example, the folding security barrier for the garage allows maneuvering over it once we knock it down. There are also the dissuasive barriers, with a support that includes a prohibition sign.

Finally, there are very basic barriers that can be disarmed or knocked down with a simple security key. They can also be installed fixed at the limit of our plaza so that it is not invaded from the sides.

The bollard, the most robust version

Normally, it is a very strong obstacle that rises vertically, like a column. They are similar to the mechanisms that prevent access to pedestrianized urban centers. They are of higher quality, and therefore, the most expensive.

Install the barriers that suit you

To choose well, you must analyze your needs. In many occasions, a simple parking trap will serve our purposes, while in others, we will want a more protective and sophisticated barrier.

However, the best protection should always be in your vehicle. Protect it with a mobile alarm and guarantee your safety.

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