How does installing home automation affect home security?

Advantages of installing home automation

Feeling protected at home is one of the great pillars of a safe life. How could it be otherwise, the technological advances have considerably increased security at home. Let’s see that benefits brings home automation for home security.

The main home automation systems

Home automation encompasses any technological and intelligent element aimed at improve the security of our home. The possibilities are very varied but these would be the main options to put home automation related to security at home.


They can be installed outside, inside or in both spaces. These devices capture different types of stimuli. There are many sensor typesamong which motion sensors stand out.

Specifically, they intercept any movement on our property and send the information to other terminals. For example, they can sound an alarm. There are other very useful ones, such as glass break detectors (either safety glass or not) or smoke detectors.


The most used and effective system. It can be interfaced with other protective measures to increase its accuracy and range. For example, they can be controlled from your smartphone and combined with a smart speaker.

surveillance systems

Mainly, we are talking about camcorders. Apart from the direct effectiveness they have in clarifying the facts of an assault, they are also a powerful deterrent.

Panic button and alarms

They can be triggered by residents when they see any suspicious movement on their property. An emergency signal will automatically be sent to the security company.

What to consider when installing home automation

All previously reviewed devices fully adapt to the characteristics of each home. And it is that, the security of a central apartment is not the same as the safety of a chalet on the outskirts.

When putting home automation systems, many aspects are taken into consideration. Some of them are the distance between the entrance from the street and the door of the house, access from common areas (shared garages, swimming pools…) or the height of the apartment, among other variables.

Home automation effectiveness

Together with the above, the security systems that we have been analyzing have greatly improved their accuracy in the last times. Camcorders, for example, have reduced blind spots so that nothing escapes its target. It is also possible to activate or deactivate the protection measures installed through the mobile phone or simple devices similar to a key ring. In this way, false alarms are reduced and the user has more exhaustive control of what happens at home. Some state-of-the-art sensors are also capable of identifying habitual residents by facial recognition. Besides, you can also schedule your home to make it seem like you’re always home. For example, turning on the lights or the television at certain times.

Advantages of home automation

The installation of protection measures related to home automation has a triple effect on the quality of life of families. First, it acts like deterrent (The vast majority of attacks occur in homes without systems of this type). Second, it speeds up notifications and allows you to respond more quickly to burglary attempts (some systems also perform actions automatically, such as locking doors and windows). Third, it creates a climate of trust and tranquility that enables the normal development of our day to day.

Home automation: a profitable bet

Traditional theft prevention systems (security locks, armored doors…) have not lost their effectiveness at all. However, technological development makes it possible to increase the degree of protection of the home. It can be very interesting to enter the home automation systems that best fit our home.

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