How CDP technology can drive real-time data activation and personalization [Evento]

The event “CDP (Customer Data Platform): unified vision of people and omnichannel activation in real time«, organized by Vass and Nateevo, aims to teach the highlights of CDP technology and how it can help optimize the activation and personalization of data to increase the value of people and, therefore, the business.

From the offices of Vass and Nateevolocated in Madrid, there will be talk about the CDP technology is dedicated to data management that allows companies to unify, organize and manage the data of their people and prospects from various sources to create a unique and enriching view of their profile. This event aimed at CMOs, CIOs, marketing directors and eCommerce directors will take place next April 26 at 10:30 a.m..

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Why learn about CDP technology

In a world without third-party cookies and a constantly evolving omnichannel person looking for unique and personalized experiences anytime, anywhere and in any way, having a data activation and personalization strategy and technologies like CDP’s becomes an advantage. competitive business to convert more, do upselling, cross-selling and loyalty to the user.

At this event, people will have the opportunity to learn first-hand how CDP technology can help them create relevant, personalized and memorable experiences for each of them. Experts in the field will be present, who will show success stories and provide tools to optimize the activation and personalization strategies of the data.

Among the speakers will be Painted AranchaRegional Director of Salesforce Marketing Cloud; angel hernandez, COO at Nateevo Mexico; and Nicholas Casariego, Head of sMarTech in Nateevo. In addition, moderation will be in charge of Matias AcostaInternational Director at Nateevo.

schedule of CDP

The event agenda is full of activities. It will begin with a reception with coffee to welcome people, followed by the presentation of the agenda and the objectives of the event, all exposed by the moderator. The following will be a Introducing Salesforce Data Cloud and its differences with other platforms, for Painted Arancha. There will also be a demo of Salesforce Data Cloud inside, for Angel Hernandez, and a section dedicated to success stories and lessons learned from the CDP implementation of Salesforce in clients, by Ángel Hernández.

In addition, there will be a talk about the ROI and its relationship with activation and personalizationin charge of Nicholas Casariego. Finally, Matias Acosta will close the event with the conclusions and there will be a cocktail to finish.

This event is an opportunity to learn more about CDP technology and how it can help optimize data activation and personalization strategies to increase the value of people and, therefore, of the business. To attend, you only need to complete the registration form.

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