Google starts showing videos from TikTok and other platforms in its search results


Google It would be seeing its, until now, firm leadership as the main search engine in danger, and not because of the threat of another search engine in use, but of two of the most famous social networks: TikTok and Instagram. The youngsters are showing a greater tendency to go to these two networks than to the Google search engine or Maps to make inquiries.

40% of young people search for places to eat on TikTok or Instagram

Far from what might be thought at first, this statement does not come from an Instagram or TikTok executive, but from prabhakar raghavanthe senior vice president of Google and the person in charge of leading Google’s Knowledge and Information organization.

And, it is that, last Thursday, July 12, during a presentation at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech 2022, about the future of Google products and its use of AI, Raghavan commented that, according to studies carried out by the company, close to 40% of young people do not go to the search engine or Maps when they want to discover a place to eatthey flock to TikTok or Instagram.

Furthermore, Raghavan also made reference to the interest of young people in more visual search formulas and discovery. An example of how Google has already begun to adapt to this is updating its Street View maps, making them more immersive.

Google has started to adapt its strategy by showing tiktoks in search results

Any setback can become an opportunity, and this is precisely what Google has applied to itself. Aware that a significant part of Internet users are failing to start their search journey on Google, the giant has opted for “if you can’t beat them, join them” or, in this case, “join them with you”.

Last fall it was confirmed that the company was in negotiations to index videos from Instagram and TikTok in its search results. And the results are finally starting to show, if you type a keyword and “TikTok” in your search, they will appear videos of the platform among the results. Try searching for “tiktok cats” (but then, before you finish reading, otherwise we both know you won’t come back).

tiktok vacation

In addition to this, Google is testing a new formula, through which display your “Discover” section in stories format in response to searches. For this new section, Google incorporates stories from platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube or Facebook.

Likewise, they are also leveraging AI to analyze video across the web and deliver richer results to its users. The objective is to achieve a level of comprehension of the videos by your search engine as rich as it is at the language level.

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