8 Best Websites to get free lyrics in 2022

Can you understand the lyrics of the songs you love? Do you want to get the lyrics to any beautiful song you heard on the internet? Did you listen to one and are searching for websites that provide lyrics? Fortunately, we will be providing you with a list of 10 Sites to get free lyrics.

Reciting lyrics with your favorite artists is a lovely experience. So, today, we will try to guide you to find the best lyrics websites; these websites allow view albums, watch videos with lyrics and share lyrics with your friends. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the list of best Websites to get free lyrics?



SongLyrics is the world’s most renowned song lyrics platform because of its large database of legal lyrics for over 700,000 titles. Despite its minimalist design, the platform makes reading lyrics relatively simple. Reading lyrics on the platform is fairly straightforward despite its minimalist design. On the site, you can also find out about upcoming releases, lyrics by stars, and information about current top hits. You can also share your favorite tracks with your friends by using the social sharing functionality on the site.

  • Features a comprehensive database of song lyrics.
  • Covers current hits the best.
  • It is possible to sort results by song title or album.
  • Classic titles are fairly covered.
  • Lyrics are found by searching for the artist’s name in multiple ways.

AZ lyrics

AZ Lyrics is another great source of lyrics for your favorite songs. The database of this website includes over 1 million lyrics from more than 10K different artists. Searching lyrics is made far more convenient by the site’s lightning-fast interface. The artist names are alphabetized by song title on this platform. A search engine displays song lyrics according to discography, album, picture, video, and concert


  • The search system is straightforward.
  • In search results, you can view a segment of lyrics to help you identify the song.
  • Covers the latest hits extremely well.
  • Lots of intrusive advertisements.


With a clean and crisp design, Lyrics.com offers an extensive library of song lyrics. Furthermore, the platform offers information regarding top hits, new releases, and current favorites. Users can search their favorite lyrics using lyrics, melodies, and artists in the search bar. This site offers both text and video versions of song lyrics. You can also share songs with your friends through a dedication section.

  • Video and bold text versions of lyrics are available.
  • Anyone can submit lyrics on this platform
  • Features top songs, top albums, and top genres.
  • Because of the additional information it provides, it can be a bit cluttered.




Besides offering a simple layout, LyricsMode.com also provides access to newly added songs. Song lyrics are available on the site, manageable ads, and you can post lyrics using the flash widget. A total of 70,000 lyrics from 20 artists are available on the website.

  • Focuses more on new releases and current hits.
  • Searching current hits performed exceptionally well.
  • You may find errors in the lyrics submitted by the community.


You can find all types of music lyrics on Letsingit, another great music community. In addition to album tracklists, biographies, photos, and news, the platform also provides additional information. By typing the song’s name in the search bar on the homepage, you get instant lyrics. The YouTube-embedded videos beside the lyrics make this website stand out.

  • The video is embedded on YouTube.
  • Additional information, such as biographies, album tracklists, and artist news, can be found here.
  • Users can explore the most popular songs
  • Searching by lyrics yields few results.


Genius.com, a crowdsourced lyrics website, boasts the most extensive collection of song lyrics. As well as lyrics, the website also provides music news, album and artist information, and in-depth reviews. Each song’s lyrics are listed along with its preview, the album it took, and the artist who performed it.

  • Different languages can use to translate lyrics.
  • Offers a variety of music-related information
  • Music lyrics collection claims to be the largest
  • Lyrics are rarely defined as to where they came from.


Searching for song lyrics using Musicmatch is easy as typing in the title, artist, or word. Top trending lyrics are regularly updated on this website, a list of the most popular songs is also provided. Also on the site is a section where you can find newly added lyrics and a genre list. Lyrics can also be embedded and shared.

  • Translation options are included.
  • Editing existing lyrics is possible.
  • Searching by lyrics is the best.
  • Several intrusive advertisements are present.


With over 40K lyrics, LyricsPlanet has managed to gather thousands of most popular tracks worldwide. Also included is information about albums, tracklists, and more, as well as top songs on the homepage. Its design is user-friendly; this website is the easiest to read because of the white font and black background. If you’re looking for the lyrics to a song, their vast database will let you down.

  • The classics are well represented in this collection.
  • The site is easy to navigate and has a clean look.
  • Trending songs are featured here.
  • It can be frustrating to find lyrics to current songs.


I hope guys you are very much satisfied with these websites list. Different people have different tastes in music and share lyrics; although these sites offer free lyrics download, some websites’ user interface is not up to the mark to search music. We have found Lyrics.com works fantastic in terms of user interface and lyrics database. So, here we conclude the list of best Websites to get free lyrics 2022.