Ecommtech 2023 Guide: the best online marketing and sales tools recommended by experts

The title is almost the same, but it’s not more of the same…

Today we launch the third edition of our “Guide (‘bible’) Ecommtech 2023”, a essential ebook for any eCommerce that wants to have at hand the summary with the best online marketing and sales tools.

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25 verticals evaluated by 35 industry experts

we have condensed 25 verticals, 10 opinion articles and 281 tools in 135 pages of content. This was the result of a long work that included the search, curation, evaluation and creation of content by the Marketing4ecommerce team and 35 specialists in the sector (agency managers, senior managers of online stores, consultants, among others).

opinion note on the importance of having a department store for ecommerce

This is the summary of the main changes and improvements that you can find in this special:

We eliminate two verticals: Tools to create forms and Tools to do referral marketing.
We include 6 new verticals: Dropshipping providers; Reverse logistics tools; Product information management tools, better known as PIM (Product Information Management); CRM tools (Customer Relationship Management, or customer relationship management); ERP tools (Enterprise Resource Planning, or business resource planning); and Other tools, where we wanted to include those that we consider useful for an eCommerce, but that are too specific to be part of a vertical. We have the evaluation of 35 experts in different areas, two more than in the previous edition.
we summarize all tools in one super cool infographic downloadable in PDF (or, if you want, we’ll send it to your home ๐Ÿ™‚ The chilli pepper for dessert: the creation of our new โ€œM4C Tool Quadrantโ€.

page of a ppt describing three logistics companies

New M4C Quadrant

Although preparing a top of the best tools of 25 verticals voted by 35 specialists in the sector is a huge contribution for any entrepreneur, we wanted to go one step further to analyze such tools of a holistic way. For this reason, we ask the jury to make a second valuation of the 10 best tools of the 8 main verticals taking into account two variables:

Its stability/dynamism. If it is more of a niche or tends to be comprehensive in its offer.

And we turn the results into different scatter plots like the following:

descriptive graphic to show how a tool quadrant would look like

In the ebook we explain what this new classification is about and why we decided to incorporate it๐Ÿ˜‰

Download it ๐Ÿ‘‡ and we’ll tell you

Full Ecommtech Index 2023

Platforms for eCommerce Hosting tools Payment solutions Postponement tools Logistics companies for eCommerce Last mile companies Dropshipping providers Logistics tools for eCommerce Reverse logistics tools Packaging and packaging companies Personalization tools Marketing automation tools Loyalty tools A/B testing tools Advanced search engines Chat and chatbot tools Online opinion tools Price monitoring tools Feed management tools Amazon selling tools Livestream Commerce tools CRM tools ERP tools PIM tools Other tools

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