Candee, a new talent consultancy for a new era in the digital sector

He VIKO Groupthe independent Spanish holding of companies specialized in full digital commerce to which Marketing4eCommerce belongs, He has launched Candee, your own talent consultancy specialized in digital profiles.

Viko has been promoting and training professionals in the digital channel since its inception, and now it has turned its experience into recruitment, promotion and retention of talent for your brands at Candee. This new company arrives to help those brands that need cover the growing trend of digitization Capturing profiles of this field, detecting digital talent and validating it technically.

Rubén Ferreiro, CEO of the VIKO Group, has shown his enthusiasm for this new project: «We are very happy with the birth of Candee. Digitization has transformed the business world and the need for digital skills has never been greater. We are excited to help companies find and retain the right talent in such a competitive market.”

Candee, the acquisition of digital talent that puts people at the center

Companies are increasingly aware that digitization can be the key to increasing their efficiency, productivity and competitiveness in the market. Hence have trained professionals will be crucial to ensure success in this process. Likewise, according to a study by the consulting firm Gartner, the 75% of companies respondents have a shortage of critical skills in digitization processes. And added to this, the international firm Hays indicates that the 68% of Spanish companies have difficulties finding digital talent.

Candee presents itself as the solution to these problems, since it not only stands out by offering the best talent to the best companies, but also by specializing in the detection, recruitment and retention of digital profiles, putting the candidate and people at the center of the process.

In addition, the consultant champions in its philosophy and discourse the transparency in processes with companies and candidates. In many cases, the urgency to reach fees and incorporate digital profiles causes unqualified profiles to be presented or that are not 100% compatible for the position and company. What causes a waste of time for companies and candidates.

In this sense, Candee conducts talent searches where it presents profiles to companies that it considers fully compatible with the position and ensuring that all requirements are met by both parties. Its main objective is not to close processes, it is connect and understand the real needs of companies in the digital environment and the realistic expectations of the candidates, so that the relationship is successful for both parties.

As stated by Marta Sánchez, CEO and Company Hunter of Candee, “We believe that the best talent consultancy is the one that represents the best talent, which is why we put people at the center of our decisions. We know that become the best option for digital talent to look for workis what will make us the best digital talent consultancy in the market”.

Candee offers an end-to-end process management service

The end-to-end philosophy It is also characteristic of the consultant. This is reflected in their processes, working on them from start to finish, from the selection to the incorporation of a profile, which for the brand is the Career Pitch.

This service starts with a analysis of the company to know the business culture, mission, vision and values to be able to present not only candidates who meet the technical qualities, but who can also add to the culture and philosophy of each company. Once the philosophy and needs have been defined, Candee defines the job to be developed andLater, he works in the talent search.

The candidatesat this point, perform a technical test Through a practical case that will later be evaluated by active experts in the sector chosen for their knowledge and experience performing certain digital jobs. This is another of the characteristics that makes the consultant different, it is usually the human resources experts who carry out this work, but in Candee the validation of candidates passes through the hands of these CandeExperts.

For the consultant, this test is key since it not only allows know the degree of knowledge that the candidate has and can offer the company, but can also be seen personality traits of talent when it comes to responding to what could be his position in the future.

Finally, once the final candidate has been presented to the company, Candee does not disappear as usual in this type of service, still present since incorporation and adaptation of profiles through a personalized onboarding process, until the completion of a Final follow-up, which evaluates by the company and the candidate the process of adaptation of the talent to the company that incorporates the profile.

A year of growth for the Viko Group

The Viko Group’s commitment to launching Candee is not only the result of the group’s experience in attracting and retaining digital talent, it is also the result of a year-end with great success for all the companies that make it up. Grupo Viko closed 2022 with a 15% increase in gross margin, reaching a gross margin of 9.5 million euros and great milestones at the human level: a 10% increase in its workforce with a very low turnover rate and new team benefit initiatives, such as a mental health support platform.


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