Bitcoin Compass Review: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

If you are an experienced crypto trader, there is a big chance that you have heard about bitcoin robots. But the most exciting thing about bitcoin trading robots as Bitcoin Era is the top returns they declare to give investors. Bitcoin Compass is one of the most famous robots which claim to produce thousands of dollars per day in profit for investors with the first investment of $250 only.


What Is Bitcoin Compass?

Bitcoin Compass is an auto trading site where an Al-powered robot can do trading operations in the user’s favour. The robot can even be 100% responsible for trading resolutions. In short, the software decides what trade to carry out to obtain profit. Although the software is called Bitcoin Compass, users aren’t compelled to trade Bitcoin only.


 The service supports altcoins that involve but are not limited to Ripple, Ethereum, and Litecoin. This trading site is available almost in every country of the world. Anyway, US residents have terrible news: recently, it’s not been allowed to accept traders from the USA. Hence, the site states it’s going to change soon.

When US traders can use the auto trading robot, they can reach the site from any device. This service does not have employment for laptops or mobile and is approachable via a browser. The web-based application is enhanced for all devices to ensure traders enjoy a top-quality user experience.

Is Bitcoin Compass Trustworthy?

Yes, this can be trusted. In fact, Bitcoin Compass comes out top when it comes to reliability. We know many online user characters that certify the accuracy of the trading tool. Our team has supervised thorough testing of the trading tool. We have found that bitcoin Compass has what it takes to generate profitable results. We know that bitcoin Compass has a very responsive customer service department that can be reached by email and live chat. Moreover, there are no hidden charges. And has a free demo-trading account available to all newcomers.

How does the Bitcoin Compass software works?

Now that you know what Bitcoin Compass is, let’s discuss the technology behind it. Previously we have mentioned that the software is driven by the Al-powered bot, but what does it mean?

An Al-powered robot is a system that performs specific orders. But in our case, it decides what trades to fulfil on behalf of a user. The decision-making is established on the collected information about the market. The auto trading robot can perform the deals and profit from low market variations for eight hours without any guidelines. This means that you can quietly observe how an Al-based algorithm looks for preferable deals and increases traders’ earnings.

Anyway, amateurs or professionals who want some control over the process can inhibit and even automatically specify some trade parameters. It is important to note that it’s not the bot that carries out the deal. The robot just indicates which one to implement and then sends a sign to a broker: it’s the broker’s responsibility to perform trade operations. After completing the trade, the broker sends the information back to the bot by open API. The robot collects the payouts by taking off the bitcoin Compass project and credits the user’s in-app account.


How to start with Bitcoin Compass?

Step 01


Registration is the first step. To trade on the site, you have to fill in the form on the homepage:

Give your name, email, and phone number

Click “ Register Now.”

Wait for an email confirmation

Verify your identity and start your account

Step 02


Luckily, Bitcoin Compass has a fast and easy transactional process. We found this quite effective. All you need to start your account is a small deposit of £250. This is your very first investment. A broker will observe your account to ensure that your funds are not mismanaged.


Step 03


Before starting live trading, every user should practice in a demo account. It will help take a basic clasp of the software and understand how a trading session is essential for newcomers. Amateurs can initiate a demo account to test the software and their trading abilities.

Step 04

Live trading

Now, start live trading. Just decide whether you want to pre-set some orders or depend on the bot 100% and start buying and selling digital currencies.


Key Features

Different Limits

The service provides users to apply many limits easily. For example, a stop-loss limit. Others, however, are entirely for the sake of profit. Immediately, users can use a payout entry_ or a limit that describes the sum of money on the account that can be withdrawn.


Firstly, being new in the crypto market, you can rely on the technologies fully. Secondly, you can always learn more on the platform: read a trading guide and practice a demo account to become a professional.


High security

 If you are afraid that your private information can be stolen, you can relax. The platform is protected with SSL encryption that encodes the data, minimising the risk of cybercrime.

Quick payouts

Generally, fast payouts imply a user receives the money within 24 hours. However, Bitcoin Compass went even further: the software decides that the funds can be transferred as fast as within 12 hours only.


How Much Does It Cost To Register With Bitcoin Compass?

There are no registration fees to start up with Bitcoin Compass. No hidden charges. But, you need to deposit $250. This is your first investment. You can make trades and profits using the deposited amount.

How Much Work I Have To Be Done Every Day To Use The Bitcoin Compass Platform?

In a day, you just have to dedicate a few minutes. A few minutes are needed to set parameters, how much money you want to finance in a trade, the benefit you wish to trade, risk relish, and many others.

Can I Withdraw My Money From Bitcoin Compass?

Bitcoin Compass permits you to remove your money whenever you want without paying any charges.

Final Thoughts

We are happy to describe that all characters of Bitcoin Compass work accurately and are incredibly impressive for beginners and experienced persons. Bitcoin Compass is provided to help new and old users benefit from the cryptocurrency market. It is translucent, user-friendly, safe and secure. And this platform is not a scam. It provides support for beginners and experienced persons by using brokers. Hence, this platform is safe and reliable.