Banco BiG (Global Investment Bank) launches “special rates” on Spanish and European Treasury Bills in response to demand from savers and investors.

Banco BiG announces the launch of “special rates” on Spanish and European Treasury Bills, valid until the end of 2023, in response to the growing demand of savers and investors looking for short-term debt instruments with returns above inflation in Spain.

The “special rates” offered by Banco BiG include a sale commission of 0.10% with a minimum of 10 euros and a custody commission of 0.05% per year with a minimum of 1.25 euros (+ VAT) per month .

According to Nicolás del Río, a market analyst at Banco BiG, the yields of the Spanish Treasury Bills at three and nine months, with interest of 3.263% at three months and 3.49% at nine months, they exceed inflation, since the CPI closed June at 1.9%. For all these reasons, these Letters currently offer low risk and the possibility of protecting purchasing power, generating returns and offsetting price increases.

From 1,000 euros, clients can acquire Treasury Bills from Spain and other European countries, such as Germany, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium, in the secondary market, through the Broker Global investment platform or by telephone, without incur additional costs.

In addition, BiG offers a wide range of financial products, including bonds, stocks, mutual funds, ETFs and derivatives.

Arturo Perera, CEO of Banco BiG, highlights the importance of diversify assets in times of financial uncertainty and volatility. Treasury Bills offer attractive returns with low risk and high liquidity, making them a unique opportunity for investors.

Banco BiG remains committed to providing attractive investment options. For this reason, the 6 and 12-month Spanish Treasury Bills, issued this week by the Treasury, are now available on its Broker Global investment platform. These new opportunities in Letras del Tesoro allow savers and investors the possibility of protect your purchasing power and potentially earn returns in a challenging financial environment.

For more information, visit the Banco BiG website.