AuronPlay leaves Twitch (temporarily): we review the story of one of the most popular Spanish streamers


Raúl Alvarez Genes, Born on November 5, 1988 in Badalona (Catalonia), he is one of the most recognized Spanish youtubers worldwide, although everyone knows him as AuronPlay. With more than 29.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Auron is the fourth Spanish youtuber with the most followers, and his community grows day by day on his Twitch channel, where thanks to his streams he remains in second place among the most followed streamers on Twitch in the world. But if this youtuber stands out for something, it is for not keeping quiet about anything and his tendency to end up generating controversy. And, after the last of these, he has made a drastic decision: leave Twitch temporarily.

At the beginning of February 2023 both Auron like his partner, the youtuber Bijincame to be in focus due to the type of content and tweets that they shared on networks, highlighting Twitter, back in 2013. It all started as a result of the interview that the youtuber Axel made to Ithaisa Suárez, the mother of the disappeared Yeremi Vargas. In it, Ithaisa He spoke of the harassment he suffered on the networks and pointed directly to Biyín as one of the culprits, stating that the youtuber had done a lot of black humor on the subject.

As a consequence, many users began to rescue publications of the youtuber of that time, recriminating his attitude and the statements he made. For his part, Biyín made a direct apology and trying to explain the situation. In addition, this review has also fallen on other youtubers, among them AuronPlay, who has come to recognize in a live show that “he was an asshole” and that he regretted the things he had written in his early career as a youtuber. Finally, Auron has decided that he will stop broadcasting and will be away from Twitch for a while. While we wait for news, let’s review the history of the youtuber.

He started his career as a hobby

Genes is a really reserved person with his private life, however we know that he comes from a family of three siblings, he being the middle brother. He, likewise, has declared several times that he started working at the age of 16 in a graphic arts and bookbinding company in Barcelona. He would end up retiring from this company 9 years later because of his career as a content creator.

His first YouTube channel was opened on February 28, 2006., and in it he dedicated himself to criticizing other YouTube figures without any type of filter. At first he took this channel as a hobby and did not generate content on a regular basis, even in his first videos he covered his face. He did this mainly because of the theme of his videos and the possible repercussions they could have on his life.

This theme helped him amass a good number of followers quickly, as well as antagonize many other content creators, among which he highlighted a rivalry with JPelirrojo. And finally in 2012 resulted in the closure of the channelIn addition, he also deleted or made private a large part of the content that he had published until then, so that for the following year he would radically change his theme and begin to record videos with more humor than attacks on other YouTube celebrities.

In this way, he began a series of more humorous content, although still marked by criticism, on different content from the video platform. Today, its content branches out into current affairs commentary and gaming content on Minecraft, Pokémon, and Fortnite.

Among his most popular videos on YouTube are: “The heaviest boy on YouTube”, with 49 million views; “Jordi Wild phone prank”, with 39 million; “Reacting to my memes”, with another 28 million and many other videos that exceed 15 million views.

A fame marked by controversy

As might be expected from his type of content, Auron has been embroiled in various controversies with other influencers and has even received several complaints both legal and in the networks, like when he made the hashtag #GranHermanoVIH popular, when he criticized the third season of the “Big Brother” program, which he responded by appealing to the way in which the influencer criticized the program and suggesting that he give his salary to the fight against HIV, and finally Auron he had to retract his words.

One of the most remembered was by the already ex-president of FC Barcelona, ​​his favorite team, Josep Maria Bartomeu in 2017. That year, many club fans strongly criticized the coach due to Neymar’s abandonment, a situation that Auron took advantage of to mock too. His jokes were based on the comparison of Josep with Nobita, a character from the Doraemon animation series with which the coach bears a certain resemblance.

By 2018, Auron was notified of a criminal complaint filed with the Spanish police for “making comments against the [Fútbol Club] Barcelona, ​​the player [Neymar] and the president [Bartomeu]». Which was dismissed by the authorities and did not end up proceeding, also some time later both reconciled and “Nobita” gave him a team shirt with his name.

In June 2019, through Twitter, the president of El Salvador Nayib Bukele, symbolically appointed him as the “YouTube minister” of his country.

AuronPlay, hired by several internationally famous brands

Despite everything, AuronPlay has achieved great success and has established a strong community of followers, not only in Spain but internationally. For this reason, many renowned brands have taken an interest in it for collaborations, such as Doritos, Samsung, Ubisoft and Sony.

With the latter, Auron has made several collaborations marked by his particular way of being to promote some of the production house’s premieres. Among them we can count a casting that the youtuber carried out to find a substitute for Denzel Washington for the sequel to El Justiciero, a casting in which each participant ended up exasperating the youtuber with his inconsistencies.

There is life beyond YouTube

In addition to generating content on YouTube, he also has a Twitch channel, where he holds the silver medal as the second most followed streamer in the world on the platform thanks to his 14.36 million followers.

AuronPlay is also famous for its popularity as meat for memessince during his career he has been used to generate comic images with his reactions, which have become popular around the world, especially among consumers of his content.

In addition to that, he has also dedicated himself to doing live shows with the production company YouPlanet, which he founded together with the youtuber Wismichu. He has also published three books: From the worst to the best: Auron’s advice where he answers questions that have been asked throughout his career as a youtuber; AuronPlay, the book, which was published in 2016 and is an autobiography; and finally, The Hater’s Gamehis first novel and which was published in 2017. On the other hand, during the 2020 quarantine, he dedicated himself to selling masks under the AuronMask brand.

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