Are warning deterrent posters effective?

Home security systems are becoming more sophisticated and more and more unnoticed. In fact, many times we only know of their presence through the posters that some homes have on windows, doors or facades.

A priori, the deterrent plates of the alarms help us to protect our house from intruders. But to what extent are they effective?

What is an alarm deterrent sign

Dissuasive posters and plates are one of the most used elements to prevent theft during the holidays. These types of elements indicate that a home is protected with an alarm system, so that many criminals do not even try to access it and look for less protected targets or easier. For this reason, these posters are said to have a deterrent effect.

The dissuasive plates are usually made of high-resistance materials so that they do not deteriorate in the open. They are generally made of PVC or polycarbonate, although depending on the security system you have contracted, your kit may include, in addition to a plate, various stickers or vinyls.

Recognizing dissuasive alarm posters is easy, since they are usually bold colors to increase your visibility. In addition, they are very easy to read or interpret (they use simple and large typography, and recognizable icons). They must include information such as the name and logo of the company, the type of alarm (if the system has video surveillance, if it is connected to a CRA, if it includes a private security guard service, etc.), the contact with the company and the telephone number. police.

Where do I have to place the deterrent plate?

Although some people prefer not to show in a visible way that they have an alarm, the truth is that the function of these plates is precisely warn of this protection to try to avoid theft and intrusions during the holidays.

Placing an alarm dissuasive plate or poster is quite simple. Depending on its size and type, you can use glue, silicone, nails or screws to hold it.

But for these elements to be really effective, the most important thing is choose a suitable location.

When you hire a security system for your home, such as an alarm, you have different elements, including an alarm deterrent plate, as well as stickers for the doors or windows.

In dwellings located in urban environments or in urbanizations (for example, in semi-detached houses), the facade It can be a good place to put a deterrent alarm plate. The garage door and the rest of the accesses are also a good choice to locate, if not the plate, at least the stickers.

In country houses or chalets with surrounding land, a good option is to put these plates in fences that limit the property.

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Are deterrent posters and stickers effective?

Placing alarm deterrents plates or stickers alert of the existence of a security team in the house. That is why its effect, as its name suggests, is the same as that of alarms not connected to a CRA: they simply serve to keep thieves away.

Some people question whether these plates are effective, and even claim that they can be counterproductive, since they give “clues” to intruders about the type of protection that the house has, allowing them to take measures to circumvent the system.

In any case, installing an alarm plate has several advantages. In fact, the facades with these stickers have fewer robbery attemptsThis is because intruders, seeing the deterrent sticker, know that you have a security alarm installed and look for another objective, helping to prevent theft during the holiday season.

Can I install a deterrent plate without having an alarm installed?

When a sticker, plate or poster refers to an alarm connected to an Alarm Receiving Center, the deterrent effect on intruders and thieves is real.

However, one of the main disadvantages of these elements is that some people put them without having an alarm installed, since they can be purchased independently online or offline.

From Movistar Prosegur Alarmas, as security experts, We strongly advise against this option. And we do it for different reasons, as we explain below.

To begin with, deterrent plates that are not “linked” to an alarm are easily identifiable, especially by experienced thieves and organized gangs, since they do not have the logos or data of the security company. So instead of keeping the thieves away, you will be indicating that your house is not protected.

Also, have a dissuasive poster with all this data but that is not related to a real alarm constitutes a crime of forgery and fraudand is associated with different crimes against industrial and intellectual property (of the security company), for which you could receive a complaint.

Therefore, although this practice is not illegal in itself, it could incur serious crimes, so we do not recommend it.

Our advice? Find the best security system for your home in a trusted company like Movistar Prosegur Alarmas.

Currently the alarms are the most effective protection system for homes and businessesand they are essential to protect our home when we are on vacation.

All Movistar Prosegur Alarmas alarm systems incorporate a deterrent plate, since we are convinced of its usefulness. And as proof of this, on our blog you will find this interesting article about the deterrent effect and how the plates help us to enhance it.

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