Anja Brehm, new Country Manager of Veepee: «Spain is our second market after France»


This week Veepeethe French company specializing in online private sales, entered a new phase with Anja Brehm (Ludwigslust, Germany, 1981) at the head of its operations in Spain. With 5,500 employees and 66 million members worldwide, in 2021 Veepee, which in Spain brought together the business of two well-known brands such as Privalia and Vente Privee, recorded 3.2 billion euros in consumer sales.

Brehm, who has an extensive professional career, has just assumed the position of Country Manager of Veepee and Privalia in Spain. We have been able to speak with her to find out about the new challenges she is facing, as well as her vision of the future for the company.

You have been at Veepee for more than ten years… How do you remember your arrival at the company?

It was a very enriching experience. I arrived as head of the footwear and accessories area and two years later she became commercial director.

Since then, the sector has changed a lot, both in consumption habits and in technologies, etc. Which would you say have been the most important? How has Veepee been adapting to these changes?

I think one of the most important changes has been e-commerce boom. In this sense, Veepee was a pioneer in betting on electronic commerce 20 years ago when the Internet was just beginning to take off. Initially the core business was fashion flash sales, but over the years we have optimized the business to continue growing and satisfying the needs of our collaborating brands.

So that, we have become a multi-sector pure player with an offer of fashion, footwear, accessories, sports, home, technology, gastronomy and travel. In addition, we have new services for our partners such as Brandsplace, the marketplace managed directly by brands; InShop, an omnichannel solution that uses physical stores as a logistics hub; Medium to meet visibility and traffic needs; o Re-Cycle, the new circular economy initiative.

You have just been appointed Country Manager for Veepee in Spain. What does this appointment mean for you?

It is an honor to be able to hold the position of CEO. I am very happy to be able to carry out this position. It is a new challenge in my professional career that I take with great enthusiasm and energy.

What is the current situation of Veepee in Spain? What will be your first challenges in office?

I have the goal of consolidate the relationship with the collaborating brands, the collaboration with the international direction and the leadership of Veepee in the country. My purpose is to strengthen Veepee’s position as a digital reference partner through a close relationship, the implementation of new services and the expansion of our offer. Also, I want focus on people fostering two-way communication, workforce development and our corporate culture

What weight does Spain have in the Veepee business? How are your Spanish clients? Is there any relevant difference with those of other markets in which you operate?

Spain is Veepee’s second market after France. We have a very diversified consumer given the wide range that we have: fashion victims, food lovers, bricomaniacos… As data at the group level, two thirds of our base are women and 33% of the members are under 35 years old.

Although the fashion segment is what we most associate with Veepee, your customers can access offers on food, home, sports products… What are the products that work best on your platform?

Yes, at Veepee we are a multi-sector pure player with an offer of all kinds of categories. Fashion is still our core business, but other categories such as Home or Children have a lot of weight. The growth of gastro in the short time it has been operating is also remarkable.

Imagine that I am the manager of a fashion brand. Why should I use Veepee to sell my items?

Because Veepee is a digital showcase that covers all the needs of brands. We have a qualified traffic of 4.5 million impressions per day globally and with a wide range of services to respond to stock rotation, visibility and traffic.

What are the companies that sell through Veepee like? What are your main needs?

We have a very wide range of brands given our range of categories. Therefore, it is difficult to categorize them all in the same profile. Most partners turn to us for Dispose of your stocks and increase your visibility.

This year you launched a new circular economy project in Spain called Re-Cycle, a collection service for second-hand clothes that will be resold or recycled. How is it working?

Good. Since its creation at the end of 2020 in France and launch in Spain in April 2022, we have carried out some 30 fashion, lingerie, footwear, sports, decoration and jewelry campaigns. collecting over 200,000 items. This represents 25 tons of clothes.

Let’s take a trip back in time, how do you imagine eCommerce in 2025?

After an unprecedented boom due to the exceptional situation of the pandemic, the online channel seems to be entering a stabilization phase. However, there are many paths to explore and exploit: AI, audiovisual content, social commerce, personalization, new forms of payment… Online still has a long way to go.

If you could talk to her, what advice would you give to the Anja of 2012?

Enjoy the way.

And what headline about Veepee would you like to read on Marketing4eCommerce in a year?

Veepee consolidates its Brandsplace and doubles sales in just one year

quick quiz

What is the first social network you open in the day? From Monday to Friday: Linkedin. From Saturday to Sunday: Instagram. iOS or Android? Android. In which eCommerce and how long ago did you make your last online purchase? Veepee 🙂 And what was it? Sneakers. Last book read? The book I wish your parents had read, Philippa Perry. Recommend us a fiction series: Superstore on Netflix. What website have you come across lately that has surprised you for the better? Hoff. What is your favorite thing to do that has nothing to do with digital? Yoga. Let’s spin a magic chain: Which acquaintance of yours (from another company) do you think we should interview? Why?: Pablo Lopez, CEO and co-founder of the Silbon brand for his entrepreneurial spirit.

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