9 leading women in the digital sector analyze the present and future of influencer marketing [Women Forward]

Today we have celebrated the seventh edition of Women Forwardan event in an informal talk format that we organize together with Axicom and in which we bring together leading women in the sector to talk about various topics of interest and current affairs.

On this occasion we have addressed the issue of influencer marketing to find out what these professionals think about his current situation, the trends that are being generated around him and what his near future will be. During the session we have been able to obtain the most interesting reflections and lessons, do you want to discover them? ūüėČ

Influencer marketing: where it is going and how brands are taking advantage of it

On this occasion we have been fortunate to have nine top women in the digital sector who exchanged their vision and opinion about the role of influencer marketing in brand strategies and how it has evolved and will continue to evolve.

The talk was moderated by our Content Manager Yara Quevedo and the protagonists of the day were:

Credibility and consistency have taken the crown from the number of followers

Previously, the main metric that brands looked at when selecting an influencer for their influencer marketing campaigns was the number of followers. Now this has changed the most important thing is credibility and coherence, identify if that person can truly represent your brand. There is no point in being someone very famous if their values, way of being, lifestyle, etc. They don’t match your brand and it’s not a credible association.

During the session, it was commented with great success that Of the errors also learn. There are brands that have fallen into the error of working with influencers with a large volume of followers but who did not correspond to their target audience, so they did not convert.

It is best to focus on profiles whose niche matches yours, even if they are smaller. And it is that our participants recognized that the key to their campaigns is being the specializationlook for references in their respective sectors that can Introduce brands organically into their speeches.

What values ‚Äč‚Äčare consumers currently looking for in an influencer?

Our guests have reached a general consensus around the idea that influencers currently need to be, in addition, referents. That is, that by their values ‚Äč‚Äčor way of being they inspire their community, that its authenticity convey trust and closeness. If an influencer meets this condition, it will be much more credible.

likewise, too there are a series of values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are on everyone’s lips given its importance, such as diversity, sustainability or feminism. But we must not forget that these can correspond to the concerns and aspirations of the people in our country, but it doesn’t have to happen the same way in other places. If you sell in more countries, keep a coherent but adapted line of communication, know what your audience is like in each region and choose your influencers wisely.

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The search for the real influencer, the great challenge for brands

As we have already mentioned, the credibility It is key when betting on an influencer, which is why finding someone “real” has become one of the great challenges for companies and a matter of special relevance.

You have to find real traffic and someone who has a good and solid relationship with their community. And that does not have to give the numbers, the power of conviction of a micro-influencer can be more powerful and effective than that of a macro-influencer. The key is the ability to build loyalty and be consistent.

On the other hand, as our participants highlighted, regulation and ethics of influencers Faced with brands, especially in certain sectors, it must come from the brands themselves and from the users themselves. No one talks or takes reputation into account, until it is lost.

TikTok, the revolution of the moment

As a TikTok channel, it is standing out a lot, both because of the behavior of the platform itself, which manages to engage the audience, and because the social network itself is putting resources to make it easier for brands to have a presence and develops in it. In addition, the acquisition cost is cheaper than that of, for example, Facebook.

Another aspect to highlight in this revolution that TikTok is generating is the use that they give it the new generations, who already use it as a search enginetotally transforming the way of browsing the internet and making queries.

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What trends in influencer marketing will we see throughout this 2023

Influencer marketing is coming to take up to 30% of the budget of a campaign, so it is clear that brands have great confidence in the effectiveness of these actions. Likewise, the trend regarding these strategies will continue to make progress and gain weightbrands are not going to forget about influencer marketing, quite the opposite.

Our guests have insisted that honesty will continue to be essential. On the other hand, they confirm that brands are already doing the strategic exercise of deciding what each social network is for them and what objectives it will help them to cover. Social networks are no longer an anecdotal space and companies no longer see them as a place to be funny without achieving goals.

There are also those who venture that live shopping will end up taking off after some difficult beginnings and that influencers will be able to take advantage of it to go live, testing products or answering questions, getting even closer to their audience while selling. For its part, TikTok will continue to rock it and the AI ‚Äč‚Äčwill also begin to affect this field little by little.

As you can see, a very interesting future awaits influencer marketing, but yes, we must emphasize that there is still a lot to be done to professionalize the influencer’s work. An obstacle in the way that, we trust, will end up being solved.

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