7 phrases that thieves say through the intercom to enter your portal

What phrases do thieves say to sneak into houses?

have a intercom in your home is a good security measure. However, thieves, aware that most homes have this device, resort to all kinds of pretexts for the residents to let them in to your portal. Meet some of the phrases that say thieves or intruders with the aim of sneaking into your home, and discover what you can do to avoid falling into their traps.

1: “I come to check your…”

It is one of the phrases that the most typical thieves say. Be suspicious if you did not request a visit from a technician. Note that, to make your argument more convincing, criminals can disguise themselves with clothing and tools included.

2: “We came from school, your son had an accident.”

Keep calm. Have the school phone handythe director and the teacher, in order to immediately ascertain the veracity of the message received.

3: “I’m a friend of your son, can I come in?”

Ask him through the intercom to tell you exactly who he is looking for, as well as his first and last name. Of course, You must know your children’s friends well. If his name doesn’t sound familiar, call your son and ask him if he knows the person behind the portal.

4: “I have an emergency. Come help me, please.”

Thieves have no scrupless. They are able to take advantage of our natural desire to help others. It is better to ask the caller what the situation is and contact the emergency services.

5: “We have been requesting your support for…”.

Lovers of foreign things know that many people tend to trust institutions that carry out charitable work. Even if they give you the name of a well-known foundation or institution, there is no guarantee that they are who they say they are. It is best that you do not open them.

6: “I come to sell you (offer my services) of…”.

They are one of the phrases that the most typical thieves say. Those who pose as salesmen, electricians, painters, etc. As we said in the previous point, there is no way to determine what the true intentions are of the individual who knocks on the door.

7: “We bring some flowers (or a package) for…”.

Be suspicious if you’re not expecting a delivery. Ask who the sender is and, if it’s someone you know, call them immediately to check that they sent it. Do not, under any circumstances, go out and receive gifts from a “secret admirer”. If you were expecting a package, don’t let the courier in, deliver it to your doorstep.

What to do if we suspect a possible thief

Between the ways of acting of thieveshighlight the marks left on houses or the measures they use to sneak into homes, such as bumping. However, many times they act on sight since no one expects it.

For that reason, Don’t let someone you don’t know into your home. or whose services you have not requested. make questions whenever you have reason to be suspicious. If the answer is vague, inaccurate, or you sense the stranger’s nervousness, ask them to leave. If you don’t, call the police.

Don’t be fooled by the phrases thieves say. Follow these recommendations, but above all always use your common sense. This will help make your home a safer haven.


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