4 advantages you should know about programmatic buying


One of the most innovative and most advanced levers in this sector is the programmatic buy. Traditional TV advertising loses steam, and media groups adapt to migrateas far as possible, your traditional products to fully digital products on their platforms.

In this way, the advertising landscape is exponentially improved, having even greater control of advertising investments for advertisers and agencies. Giving much more added value to the campaigns and strategies of our clients, despite having gone last 2022 the 3rd Party Cookies.

1. Endless targeting options

One of the advantages of programmatic buying for advertisers and/or agencies is the possibility of accessing almost 100% of the inventory available on the internet. Much more than the possibility of penetration through a traditional Display campaign (GDN), which is of a 65% approximate. In addition, the segmentation options are endless by being able to push specific audiences created ad-hoc by guaranteed data providers.

2. Integration of Artificial Intelligence

Currently, another of the advances in programmatic buying is the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in campaigns. This further improves the segmentation options, being able to reach the target audience in a more personalized and efficient way than before. Artificial Intelligence algorithms are capable of processing increasingly large amounts of information and being able to serve ads more effectively to users that it identifies based on their behavior. This has been possible for years, but it is evolving more and more and allowing advertisers and agencies to obtain better results with a less diluted investment.

3. Combination of online advertising and offline or outdoor advertising

Another of the great advances of this acquisition channel is the possibility of serving campaigns that combine online advertising with offline or outdoor advertising. A product that is having more and more success is DOOH (Digital Out Of Home), which refers to the reproduction of advertising messages in digital format in outdoor advertising slots. One of the main advantages of this new advertising format is that you have the possibility of having an exact measurement through the DSPs of the most relevant campaign KPIs. No more investing in something that cannot be measured exactly, as it was and is the main handicap of traditional advertising, especially on TV.

4. Behavioral segmentation, through movement patterns

This new advertising format also allows segment behaviorally and through movement patterns in order to reach the objective target and not dilute the investment in impacting users who are not interested in the product or service offered. This format is becoming a great channel that allows content to be promoted in a new, dynamic and effective way. Even passers-by can interact with the advertising pieces. This is an extra contribution to the global strategy of a brand, allowing the generation of greater brand memory and perception, in addition to being considered a very non-intrusive format.

From Royal we are including this new format in the context of the proposals sufficiently in advance so that they can assess including it in the strategies and annual planning of our advertisers. If you are interested in scaling up and completing your digital strategy, do not hesitate to contact us through this link.

Programmatic Buying Case Studies

The success stories most notable in recent years have been through the campaigns of CEF- Spainwho have exponentially increased the capture of leads; Fruit Trops, whom we have managed to position within a premium inventory that has allowed us to continue building a good brand perception; and Word 2 Meetwhom we have helped to have a very high Share Of Voice in the travel sector media for almost 12 months.

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