Zuckerberg wants to duplicate the content you see on Instagram coming from accounts… that you don’t follow


One day after Adam Mosseri try to quell the rebellion encouraged by the Kardashian sisters around Instagram and its evolution in recent months, Mark Zuckerberg, leader of Meta, has intervened… to add fuel to the fire.

In the official presentation of the results of Meta, Zuckerberg devoted a large part of his speech to dealing with the controversy over the increasing presence of algorithmic content on Instagram and the growing prominence of videos over other types of publications.

“One of the main transformations in our business right now is that social networks are becoming primarily driven by the people and accounts they follow to be increasingly driven by AI-recommended content that you’ll find interesting from Facebook or Instagram, even if you don’t follow those creators.

Social content from people you meet will continue to be an important part of the experience and some of our most differentiated content, but increasingly we’ll also be able to complement that with other engaging content from our networks. reels is part of this trend that focuses on the growth of short-form video as a content format, but this general AI trend is much broader and covers all types of content, including text, images, links, group content, and more. Building a recommendation system across all of these types of content is something we uniquely focus on.

Zuckerberg certainly doesn’t seem to have been fazed by complaints from some of his social media users about the presence of content from accounts they don’t follow in their feeds. If we pay attention to what the Meta leader commented, this trend is only going to grow:

Right now, about 15% of the content in a person’s Facebook feed (and a little more in your Instagram feed) is recommended by our AI of people, groups or accounts that you don’t follow We hope that these numbers will more than double by the end of next year. As our AI finds additional content that people find interesting, it increases the engagement and quality of our feeds. Since we are already effective in monetizing most of these formats, this should increase our business opportunity (…).

Another of the great criticisms of users revolves around the instagram tiktokization, in which the growing presence of reels plays a fundamental role. Zuckerberg has explained why this format is so important for his company:

Reel engagement is also growing rapidly. I shared last quarter that reels already constituted 20% of the time people spend on Instagram. This quarter we saw an increase of over 30% in the time people spent engaging with Reels on Facebook and Instagram. AI advancements are driving many of these improvements, and one example is that after launching a new AI-based recommendation model, we saw a 15% increase in watch time for Reels on Facebook alone. So I think there are a lot of improvements like this that we will continue to make.

However, while building our discovery engine, I want to make it clear that ultimately we are still a social company, focused on helping people connect. One social trend we’re seeing is that instead of people just engaging in comments on their feeds, most people find interesting content in their feeds and then message that content to their friends and engage there. This creates a circle of discovery, and then social connection, and inspires those people to create more content of their own. On Instagram, for example, we see that Reels make up more than half of the content shared in messages.(…)

A short-term challenge is the growth of short form video (…) We are sure that Reels will increase engagement in general. Our work on ad monetization efficiency for Reels is actually progressing faster than we expected. We’ve now surpassed the $1 billion annual revenue run rate for Reels ads, and Reels also has a higher revenue run rate than Stories at identical post-launch times. So the bottom line is I think we’re on the right track here, and we just have to get through this.

Image: Depositphotos

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