YouTube listens to its audience and joins the Clips format


The American company YouTube opens the door to the possibility of share your favorite moments of posted videos or live streams using its “Clips” feature. This feature can be used by both content creators and users to select a short snippet of a video, turn it into a clip, and share it on other social networks with its own link.

At first the option was limited to Android devices and desktop versions. However, the company has already announced that his tool is available for all devices.

YouTube’s new commitment to short videos

Twitch clips have become popular with users as they allow quick sharing of highlights from streamers’ broadcasts, and YouTube is aware of this success. This is why, wanting mimic the success of your competition, has released its own Clips tool, which works in much the same way. This situation is not new, and it can’t help but remind us of when YouTube launched the feature Chroma to compete with TikTok.

It’s been a year since, through the channel Creator Insider, in which the technical team of YouTube Creators shares information with their community in a relaxed way, the product manager at YouTube Gaming, Saladin, explained the operation and the reason for the creation of Clips. He indicated that “a few years ago we began to receiving many requests from our game creators and viewers. They wanted to have a way to highlight fun and interesting moments from live broadcasts. We spent a lot of time thinking about the best way to integrate this feature into YouTube. Because YouTube is home, not only to live broadcasts, but also to a huge library of all the videos on demand that you upload. We knew we could do something really special that could be for both of us. So today I am pleased share with you Clips. A fun way for people to share part of a video with their own attribution.”

How to create your own clip on YouTube

With this new tool, users can select and share an excerpt from a video clip or live stream. A new link is automatically generated that can be shared on different video platforms like TikTok or Instagram through your stories and reels.

It is very easy to identify if a YouTube channel has access to clips, since you only have to search for the little scissor that appears at the bottom of the video playback screen.

Selecting the option opens a dialog where the clip title should be placed. You then need to select the specific snippet you want to feature and share. The duration The minimum is 5 seconds and the maximum is 60 seconds..

When you are satisfied with the video, select the “share clip” option and choose the social network through which you want to share (the clip can also be sent by email). All the clips that are generated are stored in the library, in the section called “Clips”. This way you can better visualize the created fragments and have access to them at any time.

Image: Depositphotos

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