Women with Entrepreneurial DNA meet for the first time in Madrid


After a 2021 edition made 100% virtual, it will finally be possible to see face to face the Women with Entrepreneurial DNA in a face-to-face and online networking event that will take place next May 18 at Talent Garden Madrid. The meeting will feature the participation of different speakers who, through their experiences, will talk about their ventures and provide advice to those who are just starting their projects.

This activity is designed for those women who, for example, work in a company but have in mind create your own business projector who created their enterprise and failed in the attempt to get it off the ground, those who they have a startup and require the collaboration of a women’s network or those who even decided carry out their ventures in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tickets are already on sale and cost between €25+VAT in person and €15+VAT online.

The confirmed speakers

On the event website it is said that there will be many surprises, but some of the main speakers invited to this meeting of Women with Entrepreneurial DNA have already been confirmed:

Oianko Clement: self-esteem expert and creator of Wow lives.
Elizabeth Martinez: founder of Finanpolis.
Maite Carrasco: Expert in limiting beliefs of money and abundance.
Catherine Hoffmann: Occupational therapist, specialist in cognitive stimulation and brain training, with projects such as Hoffmann method and the Neurofitness Training Program.
Gladys Cali: Expert in neuroscientific methods.
Ana Assienso: Health Psychologist and Doctor in Neuroscience. Author of the book «Lives in Positive».
Christina Ramos: Expert in communication and oratory.
Sonia Etxebarria: Customer Experience Strategist, also dedicated to customer-centric business design at Gowi.
Natalia Aguayo: Coach expert in existential crises.

are expected to participate more than 150 women in the event. To share both their successes and their failures, as well as their fears and challenges but, above all, to get to know and create relationships between them in order to obtain and offer support to such a tough activity in this market as female entrepreneurship.

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