Why install video door entry systems in a neighborhood community?

Installation of video door entry systems and other security systems in neighboring communities is a fundamental decision to guarantee the protection of homes and common areas. However, before explaining the advantages of incorporating these technologies in neighboring communities, it is necessary to know what are the differences between traditional door entry systems and current video door entry systems.

The former are much cheaper and easier to use. Its mission is simple: allow voice communication. The video intercomson the other hand, have much more advanced technology: they not only establish basic communication, but also allow to observe abroad and there are models capable of establishing a registration of people who have called home, receive calls on our mobile or tablet sitting on the sofa without having to get up, or even being away from home or on vacation, to know who visits us or to deter possible threats.

Advantages for communities

Next, we detail the Main benefits to install video door entry systems in the communities of owners:

Security: it is one of the best ways to protect the building or urbanization. Thanks to video door entry systems, users will be able to see who is calling home at all times, providing great security.

Control: Through these systems, you can also look outside the house even if no one has called, so that we can know what is happening before, for example, some suspicious noise.

secure communication: today, video door entry technology establishes a communication encryption to provide more privacy and security in conversations.

Link with video surveillance systems: some video door entry models allow connect with alarm and security systems.

Integrated home automation: these systems can also have integrated home automation functions to control home security systems.

Image capture: some video door phones can capture images to establish a record.

easy installation: the video door entry systems present a simple installation, Despite this, it is always recommended to hire the service of professional experts in the sector.

Other important elements to increase security

Another of the basic pillars to increase security in a community of neighbors is the installation of a closed circuit television system (CCTV), for its proven dissuasive effect and recording incidents with images, through video surveillance cameras located at strategic points.

Also to take into account to increase this protection, is the application of new access control systems in the opening of the garage, as well as in other entrance doors to the urbanization (or building) and storage rooms. At this point, a good option may be to rely on the services of specific surveillance or goal personnel.

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