Why Adobe bought collaborative design startup Figma for $20bn


Adobe just made its biggest acquisition to date, has bought figmathe design startup, for nothing less than $20 billion (almost 20,080 million euros). This is the highest figure ever paid for the purchase of a software company.

From Adobe they have announced that Figma will continue to operate autonomously and under the command of Dylan Field, co-founder and current CEO. Of course, under the supervision of David Wadhwani, president of Adobe.

However, we will have to wait for the long term to know if this is a firm decision or if, on the contrary, the tool will end up being integrated into the Adobe Creative Cloud family. Thus joining the very famous Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, etc. For now, the operation is pending the approval of the relevant regulators.

Adobe strengthens itself by acquiring a strong competitor in the field of web design

This union predicts a true revolution in the field of design. And, it is that, Adobe has not left to chance the decision to buy the most relevant design startup according to Forbes. But what have been Adobe’s motivations for executing this move?

The popularity of Figma is a fact, companies like Google or Airbnb make use of this collaborative design tool. But, it is the web design that should occupy our attention, since Figma’s services largely rivaled those of Adobe XDa program for web, app and game design.

In addition, at Microsoft, a company that has always maintained agreements and collaborations with Adobe, they use Figma for the development of Office and Windows. With the purchase of Figma, Adobe Not only does he get rid of a great rival with a stroke of the pen, but he integrates him into his team and strengthens its ties with Microsoft.

Likewise, that figma have a target market until 2025 of 16.5 billion dollars has also had an influence. The same goes for the fact that its recurring income fluctuates 400 million at the end of 2022.

Adobe suffers a stock market crash by announcing the purchase of Figma

After announcing the purchase, Adobe has plummeted 17% on the Wall Street stock market, its biggest drop in two years. It is speculated that this could be due to the high cost of the operation. However, Adobe is very sure that it has taken a firm step to perpetuate its reign in the world of design.

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