What types of insurance are there for the self-employed: these are the mandatory ones

For people who are starting to take their first steps in the world of self-employment, one of the most important parts is to find out about all the necessary paperwork to carry out their work activities completely legally. One of the responsibilities they must face is the contract of different insurance policies that cover possible damages that may occur, some of which are imposed by law such as mandatory steps to be able to work.

First of all, it is important that the worker who registers as self-employed knows the policies you must take out to be self-employed, whose compulsory nature depends on the work they do. The best example to illustrate this situation is the liability insurance, that covers civil damages that may arise during the development of work activity, that is, damages caused to third parties and that require compensation. This policy is only required for lines of work, as it would be lawyers, consultants, architects, electricians and gas fitters.

Civil liability, multi-risk…

Civil liability insurance is also required for any business with a public-facing establishmentjust like the multi-risk insurancewhich cover the possible damage to the physical integrity of the worker or other damages that may arise from situations such as fire, theft or damage to the merchandise.

The self-employed with workers in their charge must abide by the conditions that would entail the collective agreement As for the policies, whose coverage of compensation for accident, permanent disability and death of employees It depends on the sector and the group to which the contractors belong.

Additionally, the self-employed whose work activity requires regular use of vehicleswhether to move, transport merchandise or other tasks, are in the obligation to contract insurance that covers themregardless of whether they own them.