What is the difference between glass and glass for windows?

Solid crystals and amorphous liquids are characteristic of glass, but it does not show the mechanical rigidity of solids, nor the random molecular organization of liquids. Glass is an amorphous inorganic solid, extremely hard, however, it is quite brittle. It is composed, in essence, of natural and numerous minerals, such as sand. It is inorganic, lacks a crystalline composition and, commonly, allows the passage of light.

Regarding its thermal characteristics, we will mention that if it is heated to the melting temperature, it turns into a liquid state. The resistance to chemical reagents that glasses show is quite high, only hydrofluoric acid attacks them. It is an ecological material that enables its recycling, and can be used to minimize the consumption of raw materials such as energy, for this reason it can be conceived as a sustainable material.

However, the glass for windows shows an ordered molecular composition, the atoms are organized symmetrically in necessary cells that are repeated indefinitely, forming a crystalline composition structured in the three directions of space.

The main difference between glass and windowpane is that objects made with glass show lead oxide. Furthermore, while crystal can be discovered in nature in various ways such as stone crystal or quartz, glass is not, since it is the product of the fusion of natural elements such as silica, soda or lime.

The best maintenance for your window glass

Window maintenance is essential if we want to enjoy tranquility and well-being in our home. It is essential to keep the glass clean and cared for, because our own windows serve as an intermediary between our home and the outside planet.

To stay clean, window panes only need a little water, preferably lukewarm, plus a cleaning product such as soap. However, you can choose to use glass cleaner, which will be much more effective for cleaning. Do not under any circumstances use a scouring pad as this will damage the window glass. Try to use soft cloths, kitchen paper, or tools indicated for that job.

It is essential that you also pamper the window profiles as it deserves to keep everything in the best possible condition.

And yes, the profiles, like the crystals, should be cleaned occasionally so that they maintain their shine and softness to the touch.

If you keep all these tips in mind, you will be able to keep your window glass in impeccable condition.