What is a glass showcase like and what use is it given?

First of all, it should be known that due to their magnitudes and functionalities, glass windows are not the same as what we can find in most conventional windows. Because the glass that is used for shop windows should be carried out with a sequence of stability measures. Therefore, it is usually a laminated or tempered stability glass, which are glasses that are quite difficult to break. And that also in case of breakage, the composition of this glass prevents the glass from breaking into huge pieces and minimizing the danger of cuts and other accidents.

However, depending on the type of business we find ourselves in, we have the possibility of being subject to one stability regulation, or another. Although in Spain there is no rule that establishes the thickness of the glass, certain aspects must be considered, such as the support points or the magnitudes of the panel that the glass will have.

If we talk about the glass windows of a jewelry store, they must be able to withstand manual attacks of between 30 and 50 mace blows, while certain shopping malls, banks or casinos will require that the glass of their windows be able to withstand bullets or explosions.

Another requirement that these glass panels have to meet, especially once they are of enormous size, is that they be crystals with mechanical resistance to air. Such a glass composition withstands the force of the air, as well as all kinds of bad weather without inconvenience.

Maintenance of glass windows

The glass windows are an area of ​​the shops most exposed to the outside. Therefore, it is common for dust, dirt and rain to make a mess on them.

In this way, it is an important task to keep them in perfect condition to ensure the image of the brand and promote buyer access, it is important to clean the window at least once a week to protect them from external dirt.

Keep in mind that optimal maintenance of the glass also ensures that its useful life is longer and that it remains in perfect condition for much longer.

Due to the glass windows, consumers have the possibility to see perfectly what is exposed in them. That is why they have to be constantly clean.

To proceed with its cleaning, the ideal is to use glass cleaning bands and soapy resolutions, which we will apply with the help of a sprayer. Although in windows that are larger than normal, it is more advisable to hire the services of a professional organization in the area.