What is a ACS water accumulator?

Over time, this element has become essential when making hot water installations. The capacity it has at the moment to supply the terminals of use with the correct flow rate and temperature at all times is one of its main characteristics.

But what exactly is a ACS water accumulator? It is a water accumulator that has a tank with a thermal insulator that keeps the water at the temperature that has been previously programmed in order to be able to supply it when necessary.

Advantages and disadvantages of a DHW storage tank:

Now that we know this element, it is important to know everything good that it can bring us in order to decide whether to install it, in the same way that we have to assess the negative that will also allow us to know if it suits us or not.

Let’s focus on the advantages first.

The first advantage is that the domestic hot water accumulators have the necessary water so that the flow can be accessed at a constant temperature at any point in the installation.

The second advantage is that the temperature is not affected, although the hot water is demanded at different points of consumption. In fact, it is important to note that, if we carry out a good installation, we can use several showers at the same time without any problem.

Another benefit to highlight is that these installations can have a heat generator that offers less power than an instantaneous protection system. In any case, its design facilitates the constant recirculation of water and that is why it favors energy savings.

If we want to carry out an ecological installation, these accumulators allow us to do so with the integration of renewable energy sources.

As for the disadvantages, we can only comment on the dimensions of the tank and we must keep this aspect in mind when doing the installation, since there is no way to avoid this aspect.

After knowing what a domestic hot water storage tank is and having read the advantages and disadvantages, it is time to make the decision whether to carry out this installation or not.

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