Video marketing automation: How to automate all animated content creation processes


Video is one of the most popular formats in digital marketing and more and more companies are implementing this type of content in their strategies. Despite the fact that the use of tools that allow creating content in a much simpler and more agile way has become widespread, as is the case with Canva, this work continues to require a significant investment of time and resources. But not only in what affects the creation of content, but also its constant updating: changes in prices, languages, texts or colors can be a significant workload for the marketing and design departments.

In response to this, Filkers launches the Filkers Enterprise service, a catalog of specific tools aimed at helping companies, organizations and agencies to work more efficiently creation and updating of animated content for social networks, emails, web pages or automated payment campaigns.

Filkers Enterprise

Filkers Enterprise: Real-time content creation and personalization

Starting from an easy-to-use interface, Filkers Enterprise automates all content creation processes and allows you to obtain unlimited content in the format, size and support necessary for each campaign. This includes personalized content in MP4 format, animated GIF and images in JPG format.

Likewise, it allows personalizing the content in real time, adapting as many designs as necessary with variable content: colors, images, personal data, prices or languages. In addition, the templates created can be synchronized with any data source and update the information instantly on all media.

By automating these processes, the tool offers companies an opportunity to save both time and money, since, from its batch processing, it can generate personalized content in large volumes, with less impact on the cost and production time.

Filkers Enterprise

Integration with different data sources

One of the most important advantages of this Filkers solution is its ability to integrate with different channels, which allows companies to use the tool regardless of the data source they work with. A versatility that has been key to extending its use, from which more than 15,000 users around the world already benefit. Similarly, it offers different means of delivery for content, such as: Drive, Dropbox, URL, among others; with a delivery capacity of more than 1,000 videos per minute/client.

All these solutions allow companies and agencies to radically optimize their work processes, dedicating their time to what is really important and achieving greater delivery capacity and efficiency in the exchange with clients. But they also allow them to create higher quality unique and animated content that helps them drive lead generation, sales or clicks from email marketing campaigns. If you have the data, you can do it.

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