Ukraine, a ‘grosse koalition’ and the shadow of Pablo Isla

First it was a pandemic, still unresolved, and then nothing less than a war, in case the Spanish economy did not have enough. The year 2022, which was supposed to be the year of recovery and the boost of European funds, is already for many another exercise in resistance, who knows if to the limit. In fact, there is not enough Community aid to compensate for theThe uncertainty caused by a warlike conflict in the heart of Europe that threatens to spread and extend over time. As if that were not enough, the war caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine has a brutal impact on the market for essential raw materials for the day-to-day life of Western societies, whose homes will have to defray for months a surcharge for gas and electricity, to which fuels and fuels are added, at the time inflated by the rise in the cost of crude oil. A perfect storm that impoverishes some families that for months have also borne that supervening tax that is inflation, a silent burden that hopelessly drains stagnant wages and with less and less purchasing power. The central banks, faced with the economic slowdown that is coming, will be tempted before undertaking drastic increases in rates. In short, storm clouds everywhere.

Paradoxically, this scenario, which could be unequivocally qualified as a national emergency, also occurs in full reconfiguration of the center right in Spain. If in the days before his final descent into hell, Paul Married gave his support to the Government in managing the crisis together with the EU and NATO, it is not difficult to predict that his successor, Alberto Nuñez Feijoo, will mark a continuous line of collaboration with the Executive and that, even, will delve into those policies. On the contrary, Pedro Sánchez’s coalition partners have once again shown his inability to rise and overcome atavistic and old miseries. Prey to an ideology that should give in to the times and, of course, to an aggression as brutal as the one perpetrated by Vladimir Putin, Ione Belarraleader of Podemos, stages a lukewarmness that was even yesterday ‘reprimanded’ by the President of the Executive himself. The general secretary of the PSOE referred to the need to be on the right side of history after the purple wing of the cabinet openly criticized the shipment of weapons to Ukraine, airing a wound that was difficult to suture. The calculated support for Sánchez de Yolanda Diazwhich has stirred up their ‘podemites’ co-religionists, also helps to understand the internal tear that the Russian attack has caused in those who were raised at the breasts of communism.

In view of this breakdown of trust, financiers and businessmen, as well as illustrious socialist and popular politicians, reflect ‘sotto voce’ in the Madrid circles on the need to lay the foundations to apply great remedies to great evils. “Despite the circumstances and that rate increases are discounted when the landscape is cleared up, the truth is that there is still a lot of money in circulation and investors need to ‘place’ it -reflected this week a former politician who at the time held high responsibilities at the government level-. Will they bet on stable countries, where the big parties agree on the main lines of the economy and politics, or by those supported by peripheral forces capable of derailing a government from a populist discourse? We have a great opportunity if we understand what the current moment requires.” It is a pity that, even in the current situation of calamity, in Spain it can only be registered in the field of utopia the possibility of forging a German-style ‘grosse koalition’ in the futureor even in the short term of agreeing on an emergency program that would allow Sánchez to carry out the strategic policies of national interest with the support of the PP and without Belarra&Co, whose shrillness not only squeaks with the height of sight that is required but also with the demands of unity demanded by the EU.

You don’t have to look very far to appreciate the benefits of entrusting government to the best. Draghi in Italy has been able to generate blind confidence in the markets and forge the consensus of analysts and rivals

Could Feijóo play a role in that effort? Those who know him well say that his emergence broadens the spectrum of the Popular Party’s pact, limited until now to adding Vox to form a government. In fact, different sources aware of his opinion and his management in Galicia emphasize that, knowing his spirit, what would be really strange is to see him enter the Palacio de la Moncloa with Santiago Abascal by the hand and as vice president. There is little doubt among his peers that Esteban Gonzalez Pons He will play an essential role in coordinating the party, although it is not clear that he will exercise it from the general secretariat, a position subject to territorial tyrannies or even political correctness. It is also plausible that he resorts to profiles of ‘sorayismo’, a campus devastated by the hosts of Casado and where management experience can be recovered, especially in the economic field. Not in vain, as much as elvira rodriguez has been successful in these years, most of the time alone and often without much coverage from the national leadership, the truth is that the jump to stardom of the party has to come from the economy, or it will not come. And for this effort, it is essential to incorporate talent willing to cross the desert that the Montoro, Nadal or Banezbeyond conspicuous candidates raising their hands in a timely manner when it comes time to form a government.

Posts to add to the dream of the ‘grand coalition’, on March 31 there is a milestone in the future of the Spanish company. Paul Island, the man behind the revolution of Inditex until establishing himself as a global textile giant and chosen as the best executive in the world on more than one occasion, leaves the management of the Zara parent company after 17 years at the helm of the firm. He arrived at the age of 41 and will leave at 59, still young enough to tackle major projects. Not a few remembered in the announcement of their goodbye work performed in the public sector between 2000 and 2005, as State Attorney, Director General of Patrimony and co-president of Altadis, the result of the merger of the semi-state-owned companies Seita and Tabacalera. He also alluded to the interest that in its day slipped from the Government of Mariano Rajoy to incorporate it into the popular project after winning the 2011 elections. “You will see me all my life at Inditex”, the strong man of Amancio Ortega to quell rumours. Today, when it is already clear that this will not be the case, how difficult is it for the main parties to agree to bet on a management profile as a guide for the economy, perhaps the best that can be found on the market, given the times exceptional what’s coming?

You don’t have to look very far to appreciate the benefits of entrusting government to the best. The mere presence of mario draghi in Italy he has been able, from the moment he made the leap into politics, to generate blind confidence in the markets and arouse the consensus of analysts and even rivals. In the end, what the Roman economist says comes from the same mouth as the one who, at the head of the European Central Bank (ECB) and to save the euro, made it clear that he would do “whatever was necessary”. His example reveals how an eminently technical profile can serve as a real Fierabrás balm in specific moments of crisis, to the point of overcoming an eternal instability like the Italian one. Unfortunately, the approaches of intellectuals, economists and politicians retired from the scene come up against some parties essentially focused on obtaining and managing power exclusively. The extreme circumstances in which the coming months or even years will unfold should force us to open debates that today hardly make academic sense. It is difficult to accept that the rulers think of the citizen when they endorse a white paper that lays the foundations for raising their taxes or when the minister of the branch continues to watch from the sidelines how energy prices rise without making any decision. Something more is needed.