Twitter expands its borders with new options to share tweets on other social networks


Twitter has nearly 500 million users on its platform, where the ease of sharing brief and precise information instantly with a high reach stands out. But for the platform this scope is not enough: they want to continue expanding.

On September 8, the Twitter Support account announced that the days of taking screenshots of a tweet to share it abroad were left behind and that users could now share their tweets on their other social networks. To facilitate better dissemination of tweets outside of Twitter, the platform has enabled a new button to share content through Snapchat, Instagram Stories and LinkedInoptions that are available for both iOS and Android.

“We enjoy the tweet. Now everyone should enjoy it too,” Twitter posted on its support account.

WhatsApp is not far behind

Taking into account that WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging application in India, with more than 487,000,000 users, Twitter also decided to enable a button to share on WhatsApp. This announcement was made known through the India Twitter account, where it is explained that some users would have the WhatsApp Shar icon available.and to test the new feature.

Twitter is apparently still testing the functionality of the button for the messaging app, but it’s likely that WhatsApp will soon join the list of platforms where people can share their tweets.

“As of today, we are implementing a new experiment exclusively in India, an important market for us. We are replacing the share icon in Tweets with the WhatsApp icon for most people who use Twitter on Android in the country, so that sharing your favorite or noteworthy Tweets is easy even beyond Twitter, which it makes the experience more open, accessible and holistic for them,” said Shirish Andhare, Head of Twitter India.

Although at the moment it is an option available only for some users in India, it is most likely that it will be implemented permanently for everyone in India soon. any operating system. The WhatsApp share button will thus replace the (generic) share button that appears below the tweet, and which also gives other options such as sending through a direct message, copying the link to the tweet.

With these new tools, Twitter will maintain a connection with the way in which tweets are shared in other applications, which would provide them with data on their reach and the relevance they represent to users inside and outside the platform.

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