Trilogi signs an agreement with to promote live shopping in Spain


Trilogya Spanish consulting firm, and Onlive.sitethe real-time video shopping platform, have become partners after signing a strategic agreement that will allow them promote Live Shopping among consulting clients.

Live Shopping in China does not stop growing, in Spain it is still in its initial phase

Trilogi, with offices in Igualada, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Shanghai and Hong Kong, has been able to see first-hand how Live Shopping in China and Southeast Asia continues to grow. Although in Europe, and more specifically in Spain, purchases with live streaming are still in an initial phase, after the pandemic their penetration has accelerated and today it is a reality with a long future ahead of it.

In a recent interview, Màrius Rossell, CEO of Trilogi, pointed out that: “Live Shopping eCommerce is the trend that has to come stronger, this 2022 will still cost you, but 2023 will come with force. It entered China 5 or 6 years ago and the growth they have with Live Commerce is brutal, they are above 10-11% in conversion percentage. This agreement with will allow us to offer a new solution to our clients and can mean a boost to increase their turnover”.

For your part, Alfredo Ouro, CEO and co-founder of Onlive.Site, stresses that «in a world where 82% of all the data we consume online is in video format, the future of online stores involves live shopping, video shopping and personalized and tailored sales. Onlive.Site allows brands to put a face and voice when it comes to selling products, advising and accompanying the customer in a close and effective way in the decision-making process. As we say internally «a smile sells more than the best of algorithms«.

Live Shopping can increase the amount of the basket by more than 20%

The pandemic has accelerated the growth of e-commerce and the online sale of products from various sectors. Trilogi closed 2021 with a 77.1% increase in sales of new eCommerce projects, something that confirms the acceleration of eCommerce and a clear trend towards hyper-digitalization. All this means that Live Shopping finds itself in a favorable scenario for its greater penetration.

According to, it is ensured that the Live Shopping increases the amount of the basket by more than 20%, manages to multiply the conversion rate by up to 25 and sales grow by more than 20%. With these results, there will surely be many electronic businesses that will join the Live Shopping revolution.

With this agreement, Trilogi signs its firm commitment to a trend that is here to stay and for which a great future is predicted. We wish you the best of luck with this project.

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