Top 20: the most visited marketplaces in the world


On multiple occasions we have talked about the advantages and characteristics of marketplaces, we have dedicated articles to giants of the sector and we have even made a list of the best agencies to sell in them. And, it is that, these platforms are a key piece of the gear that makes up electronic commerce, in addition to being an opportunity for both large and small businesses that want to either enter or strengthen their presence in the world of online sales.

However, we have realized that we needed to answer a most interesting question What are the most visited marketplaces in the world? Well, thanks to Similarweb we have the answer (data as of 09/19/2022). Keep reading to find out šŸ˜‰.

Ranking 20 most visited marketplaces in the world

top most visited marketplaces

Surely you already know the vast majority of the platforms mentioned, if not all of them. But it never hurts to review the lesson and dig a little deeper into it. So, let’s get to know the 20 most visited marketplaces better.

But, first of all, we must point out that, in the case of some marketplaces, these are repeated more than once in the ranking. This is because, although it is the same company, the pages visited are different. For example, “” corresponds to the domain of Amazon in Germany, while “” corresponds to that of India. However, below we will talk about Amazon as a whole. Now yes, let’s go there!


It is currently one of the most powerful technological giants in the world, but the origins of this marketplace, which takes its name from the longest river in the world, date back to 1994. It was in that year when he was known to all Jeff Bezos founded Amazon as a small online bookstorewhich ended up leading to the platform we know and where we can find practically any product that comes to mind.

Currently, Amazon operates in much of the world, sells its products in multiple countries in Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. However, the tech giant’s tentacles have yet to reach countries like North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Sudan, and South Sudan. Despite this, Amazon’s influence and power are increasing every day, which is reflected in its results. 2021period in which its sales increased by 22%, reaching 469,800 million dollars.


This marketplace of American origin created in 1995 He is already close to thirty, and he does so by remaining one of the greats in his sector. Spain, USA, India, Hong Kong, France, Honduras, Singapore, Switzerland… This is just a small sample of the more than 40 countries in which eBay operates.

The initial premise under which Pierre Omidyar founded Auctionweb (which was renamed eBay a few years later) was to create an internet marketplace that would promote secure exchanges between users. In 2002 eBay landed in Spainafter having achieved success in other countries, and bought PayPal for 1,360 million euros, although they would separate in 2015. Last year, eBay became a pioneer by being the first major marketplace to sell NFT.


Another of the marketplaces with the greatest projection is the Japanese Rakuten. Since his birth in 1997from the hand of Hiroshi Mikitani, founder and CEO, this company has experienced tremendous growth due in part to its constant acquisition of startups. Rakuten opened its online store in Spain in 2013.

In addition to its functions as a marketplace, it also integrates various services such as: Rakuten Travel, sports team sponsorships, online security services or personal loans and mortgages. The income by Rakuten in 2021 they were 11.85 billion dollars.


Etsy is the marketplace par excellence for lovers of art, crafts and creation itself, a space where the handmade, the vintage and the personalized stand out. Founded in 2005 In the US, this marketplace that allows creators to put their works on the market has a presence in countries such as: Spain, Germany, Australia, the US, Greece, India, Japan or New Zealand, among others. Its income in 2021 stood at 2,329 million dollars.


Brand owned by Chinese giant AlibabaAliExpress is a marketplace with a global presence conceived in 2010 for Chinese brands to reach customers around the world interested in their products. Currently, the dimensions of AliExpress are monumental, so much so that on its website we can find over 1 billion products from every conceivable category.


It is one of the most recognized American chain stores in its country. Although it is over 60 years old, Walmart plunged into the world of marketplaces in 2009. Unlike other platforms, Walmart presents a fairly strict vendor selection processwith requirements such as: having a warehouse and registered business in the US, presenting a history of success in the market or offering competitive prices, among others.

However, the platform already has some 33,000 sellers, has a presence in 24 countries and is an excellent option for those looking for quality products. The income from Walmart in 2021 they were 572,754 million dollars.


Also known as “the Russian Amazon”, Wildberries is the largest marketplace in Russia. Founded in 2004 by Tatyana Bakalchukcurrently markets more than 31,000 brands and in 2021 generated sales revenue of more than ā‚¬6.7 billion.


taobao is another of the companies created by Alibaba. The marketplace was founded in 2003 and its equivalent could be eBay, since consumers among themselves and has a very diverse catalog, in which to find a wide variety of products. Along with Tmall stands at the forefront of online commerce in China.


This multi-category marketplace was born in Russia in 1998 and today it is among the top 5 best-selling Russian e-commerce platforms. In 2021 Registration $2.4 billion in revenue.

Free market

Founded in Argentina in 1999Free market dominates the market in its country of origin and it also remains very well positioned in Chile, Colombia and Mexico. It also has a presence in 15 other Latin American countries. Like most of the marketplaces mentioned, it has a wide variety of products, framed in various categories such as: supermarket, home, technology, vehicles, sports, fashion, etc. In 2021 Free market registered 7,069 million dollars in revenue.


Allegro is a marketplace of polish origin which was also founded in 1999 and that it is already a benchmark in its country. In it you can find a great variety and quantity of products that, in addition, are cataloged at lower prices than those they would have in the physical stores of the brands. More than 20 million users are registered on your platform and the past 2021 its income was 1,140 million dollars.


With only 7 years of life, Pinduoduo has gone from being a small startup to one of the most relevant eCommerce in China (it has just over 7% of this market). Its popularity has been especially increased in rural areas, something that differentiates it and positions it against giants such as Alibaba or Last year its income stood at 14,743 million dollars.


Its about India’s largest online retailer. Since its creation in 2007, the brainchild of two former Amazon workers, has steadily grown to dominate the Indian online market. Its catalog is made up of a wide assortment of products (about 80 million) and categories: home, mobiles, fashion, books, furniture, jewelry, etc.


Shopee is a Singaporean marketplace belonging to the technological group Sea, and created in 2015. Its growth was rapid and, in 2019, it was already positioned in the list of the 10 largest e-commerce companies in the world in terms of GMV. This led him to expand to multiple countries, although, recently, has been abandoned several of the markets in which it operatedincluding Spain.

Due to this, the list of countries in which Shopee continues to be present is 12: Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Poland. According to data published in August 2021its revenue increased 161% year-on-year globally in the second quarter of 2021, reaching 1,015 million euros


Target’s origins date back to 1962 in Minnesota, USA, but it was years later when this chain of department stores took the step to the online world as a marketplace. In addition to its website, it has 1,938 physical stores throughout the US and 28 offices around the world. Target announced that in its fiscal year 2021 it generated revenue of $106 million in 2021having increased these 28 million dollars in the previous two years.

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