Top 20: Best Dropshipping Suppliers in Spain (2022)


The growth of electronic commerce has brought with it a diversification of it, with what we can now find different types of eCommerce. Not only with respect to the sector to which they belong and the products they sell, but also in terms of their management methods. An example of this is the dropshipping platforms, who propose a alternative to traditional logistics within electronic commerce.

In these cases, the store fulfills a unique function regarding the management of purchase by consumers -payment, orders and invoicing- and leaves the entire logistics and storage aspect in the hands of manufacturers or suppliers. Thus, the store does not have its own inventory, but depends on that of third parties (wholesalers or manufacturers). This sales model is a more economical and user-friendly approach, since it minimizes the management that takes place in the store itself. Although it also limits control over stock and delivery times.

Top 20 dropshipping providers in Spain

This model has been well accepted due to the facilities it presents for merchants, as well as the breadth of the catalog they usually present. There are several platforms of dropshipping that you should take into account according to the needs of your business and your clients. These are our chosen ones:

The 5 best dropshipping providers… … and others that you should also take into account: BigBuy (Recommended 🥇)

As one of the most prominent marketplaces within the e-commerce ecosystem in Europe, BigBuy is considered a preferred option for dropshipping. In addition to its varied catalog of products for wholesalers, it offers a series of advantages such as wholesale prices for single units, multilingual service, integration with your eCommerce, shipments throughout Europe, catalog translated into 24 languagesamong many others.

Discover more AFTgroup

Dedicated to the hardware sector, this eCommerce platform has a wide catalog of tools and products related to construction, plumbing, electricity, etc. AFTgroup not only has a strong community and experience within the market to offer its dropshipping service, but also presents specialized software services, customer support and continuous training to ensure a better shopping experience and further growth for sellers.


Part of the international retail giant, Alibaba, AliExpress is one of the most used e-commerce platforms in Spain and in many other countries. Covering everything from fashion and technology items to car accessories and spare parts, this marketplace has a very extensive product catalog. Given its presence in a wide variety of markets and the support that being part of the Alibaba Group gives it, it is considered an excellent option to venture into dropshipping.


This platform has a business model based on musical products for both professionals and amateurs. Therefore, in its catalog it is possible to find everything from classic acoustic guitars to synthesizers and pianos. In addition to offering a means of sale for sellers’ products, the platform also has advisory, tuning and maintenance services for instruments.


This e-commerce platform asian It has a global reach reaching different markets of America, Europe, Means, medium East Y Asia. Their Catalogue it is enough broad and general being able to find almost any product among its categories. Also has facilities for the dropshipping model, such as: product recommendation and personalized billing, discounts, 24-hour customer service, among others.

drink it

Born in the Canary Islands Within the textile printing sector, Bénelo focuses its strategy on user personalization, which it achieves by sharing valuable content based on the activity they have on the website. this platform it is shown as a quite exclusive storewith a curated catalog of garments, which can help you reach a particular audience and boost their loyalty.


This provider platform glasses, jewelry, watches and home accessories At a European level, it has an exclusive catalog of products from California Style Co., Abban Cohen and Norway Care, thus reaching a very specific audience. It offers express (24-48 business hours) and standard (3-5 days) shipping. At present, orders are only served to Spain (excluding the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla) and Portugal (excluding the Azores and Madeira).


It’s about a asian marketplace whose bulk of products is in the technology and the accessories, although it also has products from other verticals, such as fashion and sports. Facing your dropshipping business offers 24/7 customer support in English since its largest market is imports to the United States. also provides one month warranty about the products.


This german platform is centered on the marketing, design and sale of electronic components, being a platform especially aimed at specialized wholesalers. It fulfills as a dropshipping channel for manufacturers offering logistics, optimization, design and development services.


Deal Extreme is presented as an electronic trading platform with a open catalogwhich covers both technology, home, fashion, accessories and other kinds of products. Their dropshipping service is completely free and boosts the reach of sellers through its presence in different markets.


Under his motto “As a smart person, buy directly” DHgate offers a site for sellers to boost their reach and conversion, covering a wide variety of categories. It offers different warranty services, attention, shipping and import taxes, to help in the purchase process.

DMI Computer

As can be seen from its name, this platform is a wholesaler focused on electronic and computer products, ranging from office equipment to home and leisure. It has a culture of environmental commitment Y services logistics, Web private Y export from datawhich make this a complete platform to integrate with your dropshipping offer.


Even in the field of technology and computingGlobomatik is a company that focuses its business strategy on the omnichannel. It offers pre-sale and post-sale services, and marketing tools available to the client to optimize and generate more sales.

The company has more than 5,000 active dealer-customers and represents more than a hundred brands.

Last Level

This platform focuses its business on the dropshipping distribution of products related to the sector of video game: from textile items such as themed t-shirts, to games and collectible cards. It also extends its different functions for the formation of online stores.


Presents in the textile marketspecifically in the sector of health careThey work with the latest technological and cutting-edge trends for the manufacture of their garments. Starting from a website developed in wordpressoffers manufacturers and sellers a channel to reach their preferred audience without the need for large investments.


Megasur is one of the main computer assemblers in Spain, which has led it to position itself as one of the main wholesalers and distributors of this type of product. In addition, uses its platform as a front for sellers to undertake the sale of computer itemsusing the experience and scope that this eCommerce already has.


Going back to the general catalogs, MiniInTheBox is a company created in 2006 that offers a wide variety of products as well as a fairly wide reach in different markets. It has a Simple and intuitive platform. Offers 24/7 customer support and your shipments arrive at 50 countries. The main characteristic is that it performs ships directly from the manufacturer (without intermediaries) and offers a satisfaction guarantee of 7 days.


This is an exclusive application for those who develop their stores on the platform of Shopify. It offers merchants the opportunity to boost their business through dropshipping, as it allows import products directly from AliExpress letting their original sellers handle the shipping process.


This company of print on demand allows integration to different eCommerce platforms such as PrestaShop or Shopify. It not only offers the printing and design services to help entrepreneurs growbut also offers services of logistics and automation for its dropshipping function, with which it promotes the development of these businesses.


Shein has become one of the Reference brands in terms of eCommerces in the fashion sectornot only because of its wide reach in different markets, but also because of its large catalog and direct shipping from manufacturers and sellers, which means a more direct and economical shopping experience for both users and merchants.

The company is primarily focused on women’s clothing, but also offers men’s clothing, children’s clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and other fashion items. Shein’s market covers Europe, America, Australia and Middle East countries.

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