Top 10: the best Spanish travel instagramers to discover new destinations (2022)


Who does not like to travel and share their experience on the networks? Or at least take many many photos and review them from time to time to remember moments of happiness. Well there are people who were born for that: travel, take great photos and videos and upload them to social networks. This article is especially dedicated to those Spanish instagramers who have turned their passion into a job: professional photographers, amateurs, journalists and, above all, tireless travelers who, through their profiles, show us They manage to convey the magic of a destination.

Top 10 Spanish travel instagramers

Surely not all of them are, but they are all of them. back in 2019when the pandemic was only part of a Hollywood plot, we started to make a list with the best profiles travel on Instagram. After this, we have continued updating the numbers of those accounts and adding others that was worth mentioning.

We are talking about people who they inspire us and discover charming placessea, mountain, nature… and delight us with their photographic snapshots, always of extraordinary beauty. Simply by seeing some of their images, they manage to transport you to spectacular corners of the world.

That said, let’s go with the list (ordered by number of followers), which includes Spanish influencers with very varied profiles, and that could be what your brand needs to reach the target audience. Let’s start! (Data as of 08/26/2022)

top instagramers travel

1. Carol Pena: @Misshedwig

The first spanish instagramer of our ranking is from Barcelona. Carol Pena is a photographer and art director that on Instagram is known as @Misshedwig, an account that, although it maintains the first position, suffers again a drop in followers (from 521,000 to 513,000).

Due to his work he usually travels doing campaigns around the worldand leaves a good account of it on his Instagram, where in addition to different destinations, tries to show the simple beauty of everyday life.

2. Oliver Vegas: @ovunno

Oliver Vegas, @ovunnno, is one of the best travel instagramers (also sports) in our country for the variety and quality of his photographs, which form a harmonic and perfect painting throughout his Instagram feed. Shots at different angles and with varied compositions, sometimes very cinematographic, that do not go unnoticed by anyone. That is why it is not surprising that the multinational Nike has hired him to do various jobs. Oliver lives in Barcelona and your favorite destination it’s Australia. It currently has 410,000 followers in his IG account, also suffering a slight decline from the previous year.

3. Marina Comes: @marinacomes

Originally from Barcelona, ​​Marina has an adventurous spirit that has led her to explore various corners of our planet. And, we are lucky that she has decided to share her adventures with us on her instagram account.

The profile of this lawyer who put her career on hold to live off her true passion is a window into the most fascinating places. Perfect framing, careful compositions, clean aesthetics and a balance between various content formats have hooked 282,000 followers. Marina proves that Instagram has no secrets for her.

4. Vanesa and Roger: @viajeroscallejeros

Another Spanish account to be proud of, @viajeroscallejeros, is the trademark of Vanessa and Roger, two Galician travel enthusiasts who share a lot of information from their blog with the aim of helping any traveler prepare their trip on their own.

Have 2,965 posts and 264,000 followers on Instagram, where they share amazing photos of their travels around the world. all very colorful, varied and very original. You can see the work behind each one of them.

5. Marco Hernandez Luis: @marcostories

The canary Marco Hernández Luis accumulates in his Instagram account, @marcostories, 210,000 followers (5 thousand less than in 2021) and over a thousand travel, detail and landscape photographsyes In his images he uses light as an evocative element and on many occasions he also uses the human presence as a connecting element of their different experiences.

6. Diana Millos: @dianamillos

This Galician expert in «luxury travel» has managed to accumulate 147,000 followers since several years ago he decided to pursue his dream and live traveling. His success began with his blog, where he gives travel tips, and has managed to translate to Instagram as well, where he shares the dream destinations he visits.

However, it should be noted that the content you create is in English. In this way, it tries to reach a greater volume of public and reach more travelers with its tips and recommendations.

7. Sara Caballero: @lamochiladesara

The truth is that they make you want to move to live on the account of this Valencian woman, who already accumulates 117,000 followers. Sara confesses that her three passions are travel, photography and food, something that she combines perfectly on her Instagram account. In addition to showing destinations from other continents such as Asia or America, Sara also reveals many places in our geography, bragging about the wonders that exist in our country.

8. Judith Tiral: @judithtiral

Five years ago this Catalan woman began to focus her professional profile on the world of travel, with the aim of living from what she was really passionate about, creating a travel blog. And what if she has achieved it, with 115,000 followersJudith offers her followers tips and guides about the destinations you visit. In addition, one aspect that differentiates your profile from others is the explain curiosities and stories that surround each place, giving them even more magic and charm.

Currently, he has taken this last facet further, creating content for adults in his account about curious facts in general. It is, of course, a more than interesting option for learn, collect travel tips and entertain yourself.

9. Leti and Rober: @mochileandoporelmundo

This is the account of Leti (Italian) and Rober (Spanish)a couple who lives in Spain and has been traveling (and eating, as they like to comment) around the world since 2011. Their photographic productions are not only beautiful, but also convey a lot simplicity, naturalness, humor and love. Each photo screams: “I am happy and I want the world to know it”. They portray landscapes and funny and everyday situations with the same level of attractiveness. More than 84 thousand accounts They are already following their crazy adventures and we recommend that you get on the wave.

10. Patri Rojas: @lacosmopolilla

Authentic, with that word I would describe Patri Rojasauthor of @lacosmopolilla, a true trademark of this Barcelona journalist and traveler that has been touring different corners of the world for 9 years without pause.

His Instagram is full of aesthetically perfect photos that say something. father knew combine photography and journalism in a gallery that talks about places, people, situations and herself. She is one of those people with whom you would go out for tapas on any given night to have a good time listening to her stories around the world. She currently has more than 59 thousand followersbut a potential that greatly exceeds this number.

And so far our ranking of traveling national instagramers. Tell us! What are those photographs that generate the most envy (of the good kind)? Do you miss more travel instagramers?. We read you 😊​.

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