Top 10: children youtubers who succeed in Spain (2022)


YouTube has long since become one of the favorite platforms for adults and children to create content. In the latter case, it is about boys and girls who, coordinated by their parents, take advantage of the pull of the social network to gain a foothold in the “youtuber world”.

We could establish a debate about the appropriateness or inappropriateness of parents allowing their children this public exposure that, in some cases, let’s say it in passing, brings them economic benefits and collaborations with advertising brands. But far from ethical dilemmas, today we simply put a face (in case you don’t know them) to some of the most followed child youtubers in Spain. At their young age they are already capable of seducing the camera and dragging masses of followers with them. We discover them in this ranking, with data as of 09/12/2022.

The 10 children youtubers who are most successful in Spain

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1.The Rats

They continue to add subscribers at breakneck speed and continue to lead our ranking of child youtubers in Spain. We are talking about Las Ratitas, two sisters who upload their adventure games and its world full of color and fun. If in our last ranking they registered 23.8M subscribers, they have now grown to 24.7M, and add up to a chilling total of 9,271,458,935 views. What makes them stand well above the rest of the youtubers on the list, in addition to giving them a very notable presence in our top 50 most followed youtubers in Spain. Here you can see them! Or also on his Instagram account, @las_ratitas_pandilleras.


Although he is growing, Mikel continues to be part of our list of youtuber children with his famous MikelTube channel. In it, he collaborates with his little brother and his cousin. He talks about different toys and explains how to play with them, but he also cooks, does crafts, and of course, has introduced the world of video games. The reality is that you have experienced a growth of 9.93%from 7.55M subscribers in 2021 to 8.3M this 2022. And it adds 5,691,924,668 views.


The great novelty of this year belongs nothing more and nothing less than… To The Rats! Yes, as you read it, these girls do not create content for one, but for two channels, and what is more, they make both of them a success. With 7,560,000 subscribers and 2,415,229,199 views, the secondary channel of these two sisters is going from strength to strength. The dynamics of SaneuB is similar to that of the main channel, showing activities, games and interacting with different products or toys, the main difference is that in this channel they are accompanied by their mother, Mireia.

4.Karina & Marina

And Karina and Marina stand on that fine line that separates childhood from adolescence. But don’t let the name of the channel mislead you, its protagonist is Karina, who began by parodying two twin sisters who didn’t get along very well. Currently the content has leaned more towards dances, challenges, fashion and humor. Accumulate currently 4.44 million followers, 8.29% more than in 2021although it leaves the top 3 by dropping from third place to fourth.

5.Team Nico

TeamNico remains in position 5, a boy from Barcelona who uploads to his channel videos of challenges, fiction series or adventures with their parents. This has brought him a total of 3.98M subscribers, 6.99% more than in our previous ranking. Likewise, it has also experienced a meteoric increase in its number of views, going from 39,323,900 to 1,051,993,543.

6.Arantxa Parreno

The previous account Arantxa’s toys is now Arantxa Parreño. A YouTube channel that, although it drops from position 4 to 6, has 3.94M subscribers (2.07% more than in 2021) and 1,439,514,408 views. This girl from Alicante is characterized by showing videos of your own world, games, challenges, a cafeteria where he meets his friends, etc. Had we already told you that this youtuber has managed to create her first book, “Sirena por un día”, and other articles with the seal of her channel?

7.Playing with Aby

A YouTube channel dedicated to games, parodies, challenges… As its name suggests, Playing with Aby. accumulate 3.09M followers (We remember that in our previous ranking it added 3.01M, so it has increased by 2.66%) and 1,066,721,743 visualizationsand remains in position 7 this year.

8. Clodett’s World

El Mundo de Clodett is the channel of a 13-year-old girl who dreams of being an actress and singer. This is what her videos are about, parodies, but she also uploads stories and challenges for the whole family. This is her second year in her ranking and she remains in eighth position thanks to her 2.79M subscribers and 753,262,250 views.

9.The Familylink

More than well known is Darwin, a Galician boy who triumphs with his channel La Familink (previously called “Pino”). Although it has been some time since he has shared the limelight on the channel with his family, together they make videos about video games, fun things and challenges, vlogs and many jokes. This channel has grown in a stellar way, increasing its number of subscribers by 17.76% compared to the previous year, standing at 2.52M, and accumulating 651,774,592 views.

10.Lady Freckles

The second and last novelty on our list is Daniela, also known as Lady Freckles. Previously, he was part of The Crazy Hacks, another youth youtube channel, along with his brothers. However, because they have grown older and touch on other topics, now Daniela has her own channel in which she is the protagonist. in it goes up videos about challenges and experiences of their day to daywith which he has won the affection of his 1,890,000 subscribers.

ranking exits

This year we have welcomed two channels to our ranking, which means that we have to say goodbye to two others. In this case, his departure is not due to a sharp drop in subscribers, but to changes in the channels.

Pino and Ares is now Pilikiss

Previously, Pino y Ares was the secondary channel of Darwin, the boy from La Familink. However, this is now his mother’s channel and he is known as Pilikiss. Due to this change of command, we have had to remove it from the list.

The Crazy Hacks

Mateo, Hugo and Daniela are the three brothers from Malaga who shared the spotlight on this channel that was once about family games and challenges. Now, as we mentioned before, Daniela (Lady Freckles) has started a solo career on her own channel, while her brothers, who are already teenagers, continue at the controls of The Crazy Haacks, but with themes more typical of their range. old.

And so far our lists with the most outstanding children youtubers on the national scene. Which one do you like the most? Go ahead and watch some of his videos, and tell us!

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