Top 10: Best Live Commerce Tools (2022)


In recent years, we have seen extensive growth within the e-commerce ecosystem, bringing with it new ways of selling. One of these formats is live streaming commercea modality born in the Asian market which has managed to expand rapidly internationally. The keys to success: proposal interactive and the added value in terms of user experience.

The live streaming commerce consists in use streaming media and platforms to promote products and make sales. Almost as if they were teleshopping ads, but with the big difference that an interactive communication with the consumer is established, something that is very useful for an eCommerce to feed the engagement and improve the loyalty with your customers. Therefore, we have analyzed different tools and we select the top 10 that you should take into account if you want to enter the world of live commerce.

Top 10 live commerce tools


We start with Aploze, a live commerce tool french designed by iAdvize, a conversational marketing platform. Aploze offers its clients the ease of incorporating their live shopping solution within their own eCommerces, having extensive integration with around 80% of e-commerce solutions on the internet (Salesforce, Shopify, Prestashop, Woocommerce, etc.) Founded At the height of this trend in 2020, the company offers a new sales experience for retailers, offering features and support before, during and after the live.

In this way, it allows you to create a landing page exclusive for transmission with countdowns, presentation and product catalog. It also offers solutions for announcing the broadcast via emails, newsletters and social networks; reminders by SMS to registered users; Management personalized content and retransmission to seek to boost the conversion rate; data analysis to evaluate campaign performance.


this platform Americanunlike the previous one, works without the need for integrations, downloads or equipment by businesses, since it allows users to host live commerce sessions in their stores and/or websites, which will also be promoted on the Buywith landing page, as we see in the image:

Following its functions, it includes during the sessions a button of “WANT”, with which viewers can add the product that is currently being displayed to their cart. It also has chat moderation features – like a Automated AI that blocks negative comments during the broadcast-, and with a smart screen sharing feature that gives viewers the opportunity to shop while staying active on the live.


Channelize.io works is specially oriented to c sectorsOsmetics and Beauty, Jewelry and Fashion, Food and Beverage, Automotive, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality, Consumer Electronics, and Banking and Financial Services.

It automatically integrates with different eCommerce solutions on the market and has toolkits for software development and user integration.

It offers a scalable cloud infrastructure, analytics tools and support service. It has different subscription plans, although it allows up to 4 events for free.


GoLive is a live shopping platform that is built on a format of white label. In other words, it offers businesses a platform so they can sell their products without the need to spend resources or develop their own interface.

It has real-time data analytics functions, along with its artificial intelligence technology focused on increasing conversions and generating projections for the business. It also has customization options for its web interface, guaranteeing a better user experience, as well as a better and more relatable brand projection.

Instagram LiveShopping

Live commerce tools are closely related to the ecosystem of social networks. Therefore, it was expected to find the proposal of a social network within this list. Instagram has been focusing its development on this aspect, to offer a free channel for promoting their businesses in real time to the brands that live on its platform.

This is possible thanks to the fact that the network has its own store and that the purchase procedures are carried out in direct connection with it thanks to the direct purchase function integrated in the lives. In this way, it offers a centralized platform from which to manage sales, as well as a wide-reaching channel and interaction with the community.


Vtex is one of the most important digital trading platforms in the internet ecosystem, offering trading solutions B2B Y B2C, omnichannel, marketplace and, more recently, live shopping. As a live commerce tool, VTex offers a new sales horizon with more interactive and dynamic shopping experiences for users, which help boost the business and position it within the live streaming commerce landscape.

Like most of these tools, it offers digital catalog management, along with strategies to improve brand presence. Similarly, it incorporates analytical functions to closely monitor the performance of campaigns, taking into account: interactions, number of viewers, completed orders, media ticket, likes and commentsand finally the shopping carts generated during the transmission. With this it is possible to better understand the audience, and take action on the aspects of improvement.


Livescale defines itself as a platform dedicated to creating bridges between traditional physical commerce and online commerce. This through a redefinition of the ways in which brands sell, build and relate to their communities.

To achieve this, it has an approach entrenched in live streaming trends, with a live commerce tool that allows purchases within the broadcast, integrations with eCommerce platforms, frictionless purchase verification and total control of brand building through from a better shopping experience.


Onlive.site is among the best live commerce tools in Spain, thanks to its value proposition focused on the new trend of Shopatainment. In other words, a new digital sales format that is based on a combination of sales processes and entertainment, which offers users a more dynamic shopping experience with which to integrate.

Among its functions, it offers a live stream shopping, which helps to expand the reach and impact of brands. It also has customer recovery strategies through one-to-one videos, and allows the creation of videos as points of sale, to achieve a more fluid purchase process within social networks, blogs, and even on business websites.

pop shop

pop shop is a platform dedicated to live commerce that manages all broadcasts from its own website. It has a native integration with Shopify and offers different packages adapted to the type of business that is managed: Business, organizations, artists, entrepreneursetc.

In this tool we find very varied options that can create a much more interactive and dynamic digital shopping ecosystem. Some examples are the auction feature, real-time catalog management, unique promo codes, and real-time analytics. This in conjunction with another series of more complex and customizable functions with which to take the sales process to a new level.

spin live

To close this list of the best live commerce tools we have Spinwhich proposes a platform similar to a social network focused solely and exclusively on digital purchases, that is, without interactions between customers or personal feed.

With this proposal, it offers merchants a complete and specific channel to make themselves known in the live shopping format, with a special focus on the discovery of new businesses and products. As well as in boosting conversions through much more dynamic and fun interactions. All this is carried out with a total and seamless integration of the purchasing, marketing and payment processes.

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