TikTok launches its copy of BeReal: this is how TikTok Now works


As we told you a couple of weeks ago, BeReal is the social network of the moment: it leads the downloads of applications for iOS in the United States during the last thirty days, in the United Kingdom it shares the same position as in the United States, in Spain it leads the downloads for iOS in the last seven days, in Italy it is second and in France it occupies the third place. In fact, Bereal itself has announced that it has reached the height of 10 million daily userswhen just a year ago it stood at just 10,000.

And everything that works tends to be copied imitated a source of inspiration.

TikTok ahead of Instagram when copying Bereal

We knew that large social networks like Instagram or Snapchat they were preparing their clones of the French app, making clear the interest it is generating among users. In the case of Snapchat, this new feature, called dualcamera, is now available for its iOS version, and allows its users to enjoy Bereal’s characteristic dual-camera image function.

But TikTok has been much faster.

As the Chinese social platform has explained in a statement: “TikTok Now is the new way to entertain yourself and connect with other users within the platform. A daily experience of photos and videos to share the most authentic moments with the people who matter most to us. TikTok Now brings the authenticity of TikTok to a whole new creative experience that connects us with the people closest to us.”

As you can see, the mechanics of TikTok Now is very similar to that of Bereal: the app invites the user and their friends to capture what they are doing at the moment using the front and rear cameras of your device. They’ll get a daily prompt to capture a 10-second video or photo, to quickly and easily share what they’re doing at that precise moment. As a surprise, the Chinese company has explained that in some markets this new function will be launched through a new standalone app.

“Several tests will be carried out on TikTok Now in the coming weeks. In Spain, TikTok Now can be accessed from the TikTok app or from the standalone TikTok Now app. In other regions, TikTok Now will be available within TikTok and/or downloadable as a new app. The platform thus continues to improve the user experience and learn about how the TikTok community embraces this new creative format,” TikTok explained.

How TikTok Now Works

Creators will be in control of who can view or interact with their content. They will be able to block other users and choose which comments appear and report for review those contents that they believe should not be on the social network. To protect the youngest, the Chinese social network has also announced a series of extra measures to guarantee their safety:

If a under 16 years old create an account to use the TikTok Now app, just like TikTok, your account will be private by default
The under 18 years old they will not be able to share their contents in the Search tab. Users of between 13 and 15 years old will have comment options limited to friends only to protect against unwanted interactions

Those 18 and older have additional sharing options. The default setting is “Friends can see”. To change your privacy settings for TikTok Now:

On the post screen, you need to tap “Friends can see”. There you can choose who you want to allow to see your TikTok Now posts: Friends can see: Anyone who follows you and that person follows can see your TikTok Now. Everyone: Anyone in your area can see that person’s TikTok Now posts. The user should note that people who do not follow you or who you do not follow cannot comment or interact with your TikTok Now posts.

TikTok Now is already underway and will be extended to users around the world In the next weeks.

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