TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, the most downloaded apps in the world in the first quarter of 2022


Social networks have become a fundamental part of our lives, beyond a leisure platform, for many it is a work tool. Their versatility and the opportunities they offer have made them indispensable, and it is rare that a person or brand is not present in one or another social network.

In line with this reality, the team at Sensor Towerthe mobile application monitoring and analytics company, using its platform Sensor Tower Store Intelligence, has produced a very interesting report on the most downloaded apps in the world, including TikTok, Facebook and Instagram.

Conditions of the study of the most downloaded apps in the world

Before starting to study the results, we must take into account that the report was achieved after collecting the download data between the January 1, 2022 until March 31, 2022.

The data was collected taking into account downloads per user, that is, only one download per Apple or Google account. This rules out downloads made by the same user on different devices, as well as updates and reinstalls. Likewise, only downloads for the Android operating system that have been made by Google Play Store.

Global results of the study

Now yes, let’s go there with the specific results of the most downloaded apps in the world. The top 10 is as follows:

TikTok Instagram Facebook WhatsApp Telegram Shopee Snapchat Messenger CapCut Spotify

First, TikTok managed to exceed 3.5 billion downloads in the world, during the first quarter of 2021. This positions it as the fifth digital platform, the only one that is not part of Meta, that has managed to cross the download threshold. No social network has had as many global downloads as TikTok, since 2018.

During the first quarter of 2022, Meta managed to position three of its applications within the top five of downloads. Instagram It had a trajectory of positioning as the most downloaded platform for the third consecutive quarter. And even though its installs dropped 7%, it still holds second place as the app with the most downloads since 2014.

Noteworthy is the position of Twitter, since it is necessary to go down to position number 16 in the ranking to find the social network of the little bird. Reflecting its volume of downloads a contrast with respect to its popularity, and not being so with respect to its use.

Global ranking segmented by download store

The study includes the download data corresponding to each store, so that the preferences of their users can be appreciated.

Global download ranking from the App Store TikTok YouTube WhatsApp Instagram Facebook CapCut Messenger Google Maps WeChat Gmail

If we analyze the most downloaded apps in the world from the App Storeit can be seen that the order of the top five of the best applications remains unchanged with respect to the last three quarters. TikTok managed to exceed 70 million downloads from this store for the third time in the first quarter of 2022, thanks to the 11% growth it had in Asia.

Also noteworthy is the presence of two tools belonging to Google in this ranking. Just as the great escalation of posts made by YouTubegoing from number 15 in the global list to being the second in this.

Global download ranking from Google Play Store Instagram Facebook TikTok Shopee WhatsApp Telegram Snapchat Messenger WhatsApp Business Spotify

As for Google Play, Meta has had another excellent quarter for downloads made through this store. Instagram and Facebook have taken the lead as the two most downloaded applications in this first quarter of 2022, both exceeding 120 million downloads.

Other interesting data is revealed in the case of the app shopeewhich has had an accelerated rise, reaching 96 million downloads worldwide from the Google Play store. In addition, the purchase applications installed by Google Play had a growth of 18% year-on-year.

Downloads made in Europe

In Europe, the same five applications have remained at the top of downloads for the last four quarters. TikTok exceeded the threshold of 25 million downloads and became the most downloaded application in Europewhile WhatsApp, with more than 22 million downloads, ranked second Market Stall. Here we reveal the full top 10:

TikTok WhatsApp Telegram Instagram Facebook Messenger CapCut Zoom Spotify Snapchat

Instagram dropped one place from the previous quarter, coming in fourth place. As to Telegramthe first quarter of 2022 has become its second best quarter, only surpassed by the 28 million downloads it had in the first quarter of 2021. Russia was the country with the highest number of Telegram downloads, closely followed by Ukraine and Turkey.

Ranking of downloads in Europe from the App Store WhatsApp TikTok Instagram YouTube Telegram Google Maps Facebook Spotify Gmail CapCut

In regards to the app store, WhatsApp was the application with the most downloads for the seventh consecutive quarter, in addition this first quarter of 2022 has been the best of the application since 2018. CapCut joined TikTok in the top 10 with a new record of 34% downloads in Europe.

Ranking of downloads in Europe from Google Play TikTok Telegram Instagram WhatsApp QR & Barcode Scanner Facebook Messenger Zoom Snapchat CapCut

In the shop of google play things change a bit. The leader is TikTok, but Telegram follows very closely, gathering 14 million installations. There wasn’t much change in the top apps downloaded in the last quarter. Although, among these there was good news for Twitter, which had remained outside the top 20 downloads and was able to enter this first quarter of 2022, ranking 18th.

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