This will be the new Telegram Premium: much more than an app without advertising


As we told you in our story about Telegram, this application, with almost 10 years of experience on the market, has carved out a niche for itself among competitors as powerful as WhatsApp thanks to its commitment to security and to offering functions that go beyond sending and receiving messages: from sharing videos, gifs, voice notes, stickers, etc. to communication functions such as individual and group video calls and even the management of payments from the chats. However, the app created by Nikolai and Pável Dúrov it needs to keep growing.

already for some time we knew that there was a possibility that Telegram offered a premium version, a subscription service that offers better options for the users of this messaging application and that now seems to be a reality.

Thanks to the leak made by the Telegram channel Beta Info, we were able to meet the details and functions of what the new Telegram Premium will be likeincluding its likely starting price. Thus, the cost of this new service would be $4.99 per month. The list with new features were pulled directly from the Telegram app itself, where the features of the premium plan already appear, but are still hidden from users.

But… what advantages will Telegram Premium offer compared to the free version?

Advanced chat management

Add to configuration options that are better suited to the way you use the application, such as choosing the default chat folder, auto-archiving and hiding new chats from people who are not in your contact list, among others. This new version will also include the automatic transcription of voice messages.

New content limits

In Telegram Premium, the usual limits within the app are doubled, being able to create up to 1,000 channels, 20 folders, 10 fixed chats, 10 public links and 4 accounts. The maximum size for uploading files goes from 2 to 4 GB, double what WhatsApp offers. The speed limit for downloading files and multimedia disappears. You can also save a greater number of personal GIFs, up to 400.

animated profile

You can use animated images for your profile picture, in the style of GIF or video avatar, making your presence in the application more attractive. Likewise, a mark will be placed next to the username that will indicate that you are a premium user and a special icon for your home screen.

Stickers and reactions

you can use stickers will be biggerwith more effects and renewed every month, you will also have access to animated reactions in the messages.

And of course no ads

It was the most obvious novelty, typical of any self-respecting “premium” version 😉 The ads present in the free version of Telegram they will disappear from the channels within the premium version. A very important advantage for many users.

In any case, despite all the news that has leaked, It is not known for sure if all the advantages will be available immediately when Telegram Premium is launched, or whether they will gradually be rolled out to the list of already available features. We will be attentive to tell you 😉

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