This is what each appliance consumes according to the time period

“Turn off that light, electricity is very expensive!” This is surely one of the most repeated phrases in Spanish homes in recent times. The energy price hikea situation that has worsened after the Russian invasion of Ukrainehas been driving millions of Spaniards for months who see how the increases do not stop and the accounts do not come out.

After an escalation that came to place the price of electricity in certain time slots at the unprecedented level of 700 euros per megawatt hour (MW/h) and a daily average above 500 euros, in recent days, Prices have reached levels around 200 euros.

To try to know how much the appliances that we have connected spend Since the price of the electricity that we consume at each moment of the day is, at La Nueva España we have developed this tool that simulates the real cost of an average Spanish household.

In the simulation, which can be customized by turning on and off different electrical devices that we all have in our homes, you can see how much the electricity that we are consuming at that very moment is costing us. To do this, the price of the megawatt and the time slot in which we find ourselves are taken into account. An exercise that can guide us on the consumption we make and that can avoid surprises at the end of the month.

In fact, at the end of this information you will be able to see, sorted by colour, the different day bands and their electricity costs.

Turn on all appliances Calculate how much the appliances you have on now spend PRICE X


The calculated cost corresponds to the operation, during the current hour, of the selected appliances. It does not include taxes or fees, only the expense for energy consumed.

The price of electricity belongs to the PVPC rate (Voluntary Price for Small Consumers) and is obtained every day from Red Eléctrica de España.

Indicative powers have been used, you can modify them by clicking on the settings option




For the calculation of the expenditure, the indicative powers shown below have been used. You can adjust them according to the characteristics of your appliances.



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