This is Super Followers Spaces, the new Twitter feature


Twitter introduced its new feature “Super Follower Spaces”an element designed to help content creators with paid subscriptions to build exclusive spaces within their community by incorporating live audio. With this, the company wants to add value to the creator’s content and, at the same time, give users an incentive to pay a fee in exchange for exclusivity.

The official launch by the company was, precisely, through a tweet: “We present Super Follows Spaces a new way to be even more connected with your Super Followers. It’s now available to all Super Follows creators.”

These exclusive spaces for super followers are displayed in the feed with different colors than traditional space links, accompanied by a small note at the top stating “for super followers only”. Users who are not subscribed to the creator will be able to see the broadcasts that are shared publicly, but if they want to enter and participate in it, they will have to log in as a super follower and pay the established subscription.

The only limitation that Super Followers Spaces presents at the moment is that subscribers who are browsing the web can join the space and listen, but do not speak during transmissions. That does not happen with those who are participating from iOS and Android mobile devices, who can join, listen and talk within these exclusive spaces.

The high expectations behind Super Followers Spaces

This release is related to Super Follows, a functionality that was introduced in September of last year and is still in the testing phase with a small group of creators -located in the US- who use the iOS operating system.

This “experiment” attempts to develop a new mode of operation within Twitter so that content creators can generate income sharing exclusive content to those followers who pay a monthly subscription. The creator can set his subscription between three values: $2.99, $4.99 and $9.99 (between 2.84 and 9.49 euros).

The little interest that Super Follows has aroused among Internet users During these test months, he led the company to seek new incentives so that followers are more and better willing to pay for extra content.

In that sense, Super Followers Spaces is presented as a superior option, which tries to give an added value to the subscription that the user pays. A boost that creators need to build a larger, stronger and more profitable community.

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