This is BigBlue, the French start-up of integral logistics for eCommerce that Spain has chosen to internationalize


In recent years of growth for the digital ecosystem, Spain has positioned itself as one of the most attractive options within the European market. This, from the proliferation of electronic commerce within its territory, which has made it a focus of interest for various companies. Big Blue is one of these companies that has seen in our country a strategic market for the growth of its comprehensive logistics business.

Thus, Spain has become the second country where the French company establishes its operations. In any case, this is not BigBlue’s first connection with the Spanish digital and startup ecosystem: in 2020 it closed its first round of investment, led by the venture capital Samaipataa Spanish firm that is now listed as the company’s largest shareholder after its founders.

What is Big Blue?

The rise of electronic commerce has demanded an evolution within the logistics sector, as well as a resizing of it to adapt to the new needs and demands of today’s consumers. BigBlue’s proposal in the face of this situation is that of comprehensive logistics for e-commerce.

With an interface from the cloud, the CEO of the company, Tim Dunmain, claims to offer a value service “similar to Amazon Prime”; which is available to any company, whether large or SMEs, or in full growth. Its fulfillment service includes the reception of the products, the picking and packaging process and including a package made from recycled material, as well as the final shipment of the product, guaranteeing a complete experience in terms of logistics, without the integration of other parties in the process.

Founded in 2018, the company has two warehouses in Francelocated in Paris and Normandy, and a work team of 60 people globally. Based on this, the company claims to have an average of 10,000 daily shipments in its native country, from more than 250 French brands.

In turn, it divides the prices between small, medium or large products, with a variation between each one that can be validated on its website. On the other hand, it also offers the opportunity to generate discounts on these prices according to the influx of shipments made.

According to the manifesto published on his website, Tim Dumain decided to create Bigblue based on his experience as the creator of a board game company: Dumain saw a lot of potential for improvement in all stages of logistics and distribution. BigBlue’s founding team studied logistics solutions on the market, realizing that “the industry desperately needed modern software and user experience.”

A year of internationalization

The arrival in Spain during this month of February is only the first step of the company within its new internationalization strategy. In this way, it hopes to have expanded to the United Kingdom by June, and to Germany and Italy by the end of the year. In our country, part of an initial team of 3 people, to which they hope to add about 10 more during the year, BigBlue.

For its insertion in the Spanish market, the French startup has made an investment of 1 million euros, securing its first warehouse in the territory, located in Marchamalo, Guadalajara, with a space of 20,000 square meters. On the other hand, for this new facet it has allied with GXO Logistics, who will be your collaborator within the territory. According to the company’s statement, they expect to reach an estimated one million shipments within this market in the first year, basically concentrated in the fashion and beauty sectors, which are two of the main sectors with which BigBlue works.

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