These are the two air conditioners that the OCU recommends: quality and at a good price

We know that it is not easy to choose a air-conditioning. The large number of models, knowing the energy consumption, how they are installed and a long etcetera can stop you when purchasing one of these splits.

That is why now that the hottest months are approaching, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has published a study in which they have analyzed 51 models of air conditioning with heat pump type inverter. It can be an excellent guide to choose the device that best suits your home.

As detailed by the OCU, at the time of preparing this study, the devices have been subjected to efficiency and performance tests, both for cooling and heating mode. Other aspects to take into account have been: level of equipment, sensation and comfort and ease of use.

The two models recommended by the OCU

According to the study, the models recommended by the OCU are the Fujitsu ASY 25 UI-LMC and the Daikin AXF25A (ATXF25A / ARXF25A). Both have the A++ energy label, they have good features and their price is less than 600 euros.

The Fujitsu model stands out for its good efficiency in both cooling and heating and has a good level of comfort thanks to good air distribution and homogeneity. It has ECO mode, ideal for saving energy during use, but its Stand-by mode has an energy consumption that could be improved. The price of this air conditioner is set from 464 and has an annual consumption of 148 euros.

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The Daikin model has a higher price (from 510 euros) and an annual consumption of 150. The OCU highlights of this air conditioner that the “price quality is more than reasonable with low energy consumption”. In addition, he points out that it manages to maintain the desired temperature “very well”. Against this model they indicate that it could improve its operation in cooling mode when we also want to dehumidify.

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